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ACADEMIC Despite many learning interruptions including lockdowns and online school, many students still worked hard to keep up with their learning, contributing to a successful academic year. Throughout 2021 the Academic committee made a strong effort to continue to support students in their learning regardless of whether this was in the classroom or over class Google meets. The committee also helped prepare for the launch of the College Diploma replacing NCEA Level 1, offering a student perspective on the strong merits of the new system. In spite of Covid-19 disruptions, the committee managed to achieve some of their goals in supporting the academic life of the school. The Academic committee’s tutoring programme was launched in Term 1 and saw the partnering of students seeking to further their knowledge in subjects being paired up with some of the more knowledgeable and successful older students. Many students received support in subjects ranging from Mathematics to the Humanities to Languages, with the personal one-on-one tutoring environment helping some students boost their understanding beyond lessons in the classroom. Some boys really appreciated the bonds developed between the often older tutors and the younger tutees, with the programme providing an excellent opportunity for connections between year groups and Houses through the learning environment. Many of the tutors also found the experience beneficial to their own knowledge of a subject, as well as experiencing the rewarding sensation of helping out a fellow College boy. One aspect of the

programme which benefited the boys greatly was the availability of online google meets tutoring sessions. Boys were able to meet both in person and online, allowing the students to work around their own timetables and locations. Furthermore, the online option was especially helpful during the at home learning period during lockdown, where all students had the option of online tutoring sessions to help bolster their usual online class lessons. Online learning was more challenging for some than others and the online tutoring programme helped students continue to keep up to date or improve their studies despite the learning disruptions. Another aspect of the school’s academic programme supported by the committee was the implementation of the new College Diploma. Replacing NCEA Level 1, the programme seeks to better improve all aspects of education at College, offering opportunities for students to succeed in many areas including academics, character development, service and cultural awareness. The system allows students to achieve the College Diploma at many levels in many aspects, with academic achievement being the main foundation. In this way the programme helps develop well-rounded successful boys who are also very well prepared for the important NCEA Level 2. The Academic committee helped with the launch of the event, preparing ways in which the programme and its merits could be explained to parents from the perspective of students. Although the committee (which is assembled from eight dedicated Year 12 and 13 students) does not have members who get to experience the Diploma first hand,

seeing its implementation for Year 10 and 11 students in 2022, we are all very confident it will allow boys to succeed in many aspects, including academics most importantly, but also in many other fields. Moving forward, I expect the committee to continue its positive action towards helping the academic life of the school. Although 2020 and 2021 saw disruption, the successful implemention of the supportive tutoring programme helped students significantly. I’m sure the continuation of this programme will further support students and I hope to see committee and tutoring numbers grow even further. Another goal the committee sought to implement this year was a supportive library space during derived grade exam week. Due to lockdown timings and the week being moved, planning this proved a lot more difficult, but hopefully in future the committee can further develop the school library as a dedicated and supportive study space with on hand tutors and brain food to help students through this often intense and stressful week. Another project initiated this year was the further development of a student feedback system. Although current systems exist, these are not standardised across the school, and may need some development, and so plans were in the works to develop a better system to help better understand students and their experiences in the classroom. I hope this project can be extended and implemented next year, as it would help the school’s academic environment greatly. I wish the 2022 Academic Prefect Bruce Chen luck for next year as I am sure he can continue to develop the committee’s impact within the


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