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INTERNATIONAL & ROUND SQUARE 2021 has been an exceptional year (in more ways than one) for all things international and

worked hard towards this year is learning to embrace diversity in all its forms. To promote this aim the senior Round Square committee founded a social media presence to create informative and educative posts that would reach the greatest extent of students. In this capacity we were able to celebrate a wide range of global holidays and festivals as well as bringing attention to important issues such as discrimination. In addition to this the committee led a school visit to the local synagogue in order to engage with and learn about the Jewish community in Oˉ tautahi. This was a very special experience for everyone involved and we are grateful to the synagogue community for opening

its doors to us and in particular to Asher Etherington, an Old Boy, for providing us with his knowledge. Embracing diversity within and beyond the school gates is a goal that connects with our commitment to both Christ’s College virtues and the Round Square ideals; a new tradition

Round Square at Christ’s College. In spite of Covid restrictions and lockdowns, this year our College community has celebrated diversity and embraced difference with more enthusiasm than ever before. Thanks to the support of our international students, members of the Senior and Junior Round Square committees, staff and students from across the school we were able to make 2021 a year to remember. Alongside the annual International/Round Square Week in Term Three our senior committee worked hard to deliver on the goals of engagement with our Round Square community, reaching out to the diverse communities of Oˉ tautahi, starting a campaign to celebrate diversity, and organising events for our international students. Throughout the year we have strengthened our connection to the Round Square organisation itself by taking part in a dynamic collaboration with other Round Square schools in Aotearoa. Alongside Whanganui Collegiate and King’s College the senior committee participated in several virtual exchanges, discussing our interpretation of Round Square and analysing areas for contribution. This culminated in King’s College sending a delegation to visit our school during International Week. The King’s College group took part in a range of activities at school and spoke during the International Assembly. Additionally, these students took part in an inter-school conference in which we discussed how our schools can work more closely together in the coming years particularly in the areas of service and engagement with the Muslim community. As the relationship between Round Square schools in Aotearoa is strengthened we hope to see many more collaborations such as this and initiatives that support the ideals of the organisation. One goal that our community has

that must be maintained. This year marked another challenging chapter for our

international students with travel restrictions leaving them unable to see family and friends in their home countries. In spite of this our international student community had an overwhelmingly positive year with many stories of success throughout 2021. We celebrated our amazing students with several inter-school


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