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WELLBEING 2021 has given me the opportunity to work with an amazing committee to enhance wellbeing around the school and the wider community. With many spots of uncertainty, this year it was particularly important to focus on everyone’s wellbeing. With the immense support of my committee and strong guidance from Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education, John Quinn, I can triumphantly say our committee of passionate boys left a positive imprint on the school. A key factor contributing to the success of this year was the committee of 10 boys, each carving their wellbeing aspirations into school life. With meetings every Wednesday, we openly discussed ideas and had tasks to walk away with every week, in order to work towards our goals. It was truly impressive to see the values and morals that each member held true and this was integral to our progress over the year — I thank them for that. We organised this year by term, appointing a theme we wanted to action for each. • Term 1 – the focus was on mental health • Term 2 and Term 3 – diversity was the main focus • Term 4 – staying on top of academics Although they were big topics to cover, the amount of time we had allowed us to speak up about issues, often as well as organising and actioning events. It was a huge privilege to address the school at many assemblies, especially speaking about important topics such as mental health and acceptance of diversity. In Term 1 we held mindfulness events on the Quad, taking advantage of the warm, fresh air during our lunchtimes. Many boys enjoyed clearing their heads and staying present. It was great to see boys taking notice of their mental wellbeing! Gumboot Friday in support of Mike

events to encourage connections across the city. Our year began with the annual dinner with St. Margaret’s at Hachi Hachi where international and domestic students from both schools were able to connect over some delicious food. In Term Two, St Margaret’s hosted an international quiz in their dining hall with over 80 students from four schools taking part in a fun-filled evening. Christ’s College returned the favour by hosting our very own quiz during International Week. Mr Cortesi stepped in as quizmaster to present a range of interactive questions that had even the most well versed quizzers scratching their heads. These events were a successful way of breaking down barriers and creating friendships for international students. Undeniably, the centrepiece of this year’s international and Round Square focus was our week in Term 3. This year got off to a roaring start with the Languages Chapel Service. Readings and prayers were conducted by students in a range of global languages including Maˉori, Japanese, Arabic and German. At the service I delivered a sermon on the importance of language as a means of communication of not only words but also culture, speaking to the strength our communities have in using this to connect with one other. Throughout the week there were many events held to recognise the different ways that we can celebrate diversity. Every day the boarders were treated to different global meals prepared by the amazing dining hall staff which certainly gave the week an international flavour. On Monday lunch the students and staff turned out en masse for an international karaoke competition with each house being represented by a song in a foreign language. At the same time international sport was being celebrated in the gym with Thai kick volleyball on display for all to see. The second day of the week was celebrated with an international themed dressed day with students and staff asked to ‘celebrate their story’ through clothing, needless to say College

was a very colourful place for the day. Tuesday’s events were marked by another inter-house battle, this time for the best satay chicken with Rex from the dining hall and Mr Everingham judging. After school, students, staff and members of the wider College community gathered in the library to share stories of their cultures, including myths, legends and children’s stories in a range of different languages. The afternoon’s events were such a success that an encore performance was held the very next day. On Thursday, the International Assembly featured a range of different speakers discussing their cultural identities with students taking to the stage dressed in traditional outfits. As always, Thursday lunch featured some legendary food trucks representing international cuisines giving all students an opportunity for a great feed. Just after, the inter-house quiz took place, with 10 rounds of questions testing the boys on their knowledge of the world. Finally, the week wrapped up on Friday in the only way we know how… an International Kahoot! Thank you to the Junior Round Square committee for stepping up to run an exceptional Junior Round Square Week in Term 4 and to International Student Manager Paul McCarthy for helping the boys to organise this. In 2021, Round Square has enabled all students and staff to enhance their global citizenship and embrace our community’s diversity. Never before have the ideals of Round Square been more important, thus as Christ’s College continues to maintain our good traditions it is necessary for us to adopt new ones and look into the future. E huri toˉ aroaro ki te raˉ, tukuna toˉ ataarangi ki muri a koe Turn and face the sun and let your shadow fall behind you Claude Tellick Head of International & Round Square


Christ’s College Canterbury

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