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King’s I AM HOPE foundation was a significant event with boys coming to school in gumboots to support the cause behind it. The introduction of I AM HOPE wristbands inspired real change last year within the school and I was truly proud to see the boys continue to wear these wristbands and maintain the I AM HOPE values:

addressing diversity and how we can be more diverse as a college. An initiative discussed and actioned by the committee was to have diversity wristbands that students would wear to show their support. The boys realised that it is a simple task in wearing the wristbands, but the message behind these wristbands stood strong in showing: • You will be inclusive • You accept everyone for their differences • We are all unique We were very impressed by the number of boys wearing these wristbands and hope that the diversity legacy enhanced in 2021 will continue to improve in years to come. In Terms 2 and 3 we held a mufti day where boys were encouraged to come as their most comfortable selves. This was a huge hit and it was inspiring to see everyone embracing who they are. The proceeds of this went to support our chosen charity, the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. The anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day was also a significant effort by the boys during the middle semester. During the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown, the committee stayed strong with regular meetings and realised this was a time where student wellbeing was going to be up and down. Over a two week period, each member of the committee put out a 30 second video discussing

various tips and tricks on how to stay on top of mental health, which I’m sure the students were very grateful for. In addition, our committee excelled at being the primary communication link between the administration and the student community, a key part of our job, by raising important issues regarding students’ welfare, and discussing how to make amendments. I reflect on a successful year tackling as many wellbeing issues as possible. I am truly grateful for the school’s support and for the work of the committee. I am glad to hand over the role of Head of Wellbeing to Jack Brent for 2022. I know he is a highly capable bloke with morals and values that anyone would aspire to uphold. He is very approachable and makes it his mission to help others, which I see as perfect for the role. A huge thanks to John Quinn for not only helping me with my position this year but being a close mentor to talk to. He displays what it is to be a good human and I truly admire him for that. While giving me some killer wellbeing tips that I will carry through life, he has also played a huge part in setting me up for my future. I am proud of where the wellbeing is at College and I look forward to coming back to see exponential progress in coming years. Tom Stephens Head of Wellbeing

• I will not judge • I will not shame • I will not anger or inflame • I will not gossip

• I am hope and I’ve got your back This also included our participation in Mike King’s 100Km walk which was hosted near the Riverside Market. I was joined by three other prefects and it was an honour to represent the school at such a significant event. Sports on the Quad and other outdoor activities were encouraged by the committee and we were particularly impressed with the involvement of the junior boys. A main goal for the term was to normalise the stigma around men’s mental health and particularly encourage discussions that we need to have around these areas. I took the opportunity of speaking in assemblies to say that it is ok to not feel ok, and highlighted the importance of speaking about each other’s mental health. For example, a simple task such as connecting with a new person and getting to know them can help. Terms 2 and 3 saw the task of


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