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ACADEMIC Major Prize Winners

The Charles Upham Character Awards

Baxter Lamberg Year 10 Character Award

These awards celebrate character strengths in action in the classroom, around the school and in the community. Up to two awards are made in each year group. They are named after Old Boy Charles Upham, who was awarded the Victoria Cross & Bar during World War II. Charles Upham is recognised for his strengths of humility, courage, perseverance and leadership. To be eligible for this award, a student must have received a Character Award during the year (for students in Years 9–11), or a MANifesto Award (for students in Years 12 and 13).

Immerse & Inspire programme. Josh always rises to meet a challenge and does so with humility, thoughtfulness and a great sense of humour. Elliot Grey Year 11 Character Award Elliott has received character awards for demonstrating social intelligence, teamwork, perspective and bravery this year. His maturity and ability to forge his own path have been impressive, and he has worked constructively in class, with a willingness to assist his classmates. Elliott consistently displays and upholds the virtues of Christ’s College. Edward Nye Year 11 Character Award Edward demonstrates his character strengths of spirituality, kindness and honesty for the benefit of others.

Baxter has been the recipient of five Character Awards this year. He has demonstrated kindness, judgement and a strong love of learning throughout the year. His humble, cheerful disposition shines though in all aspects of his College life and he is always a reluctant recipient of praise. He has demonstrated good character within his House, on the football field, in the classroom and around the school.

Josh Ratulomai Year 10, Character Award

Samuel Belcher Year 9 Character Award

Josh consistently displays strong character in all aspects of College life. He has demonstrated great zest in his contribution to drama, singing and cultural activities, as well as bravery and leadership during the

Samuel has tackled his first year at College with enthusiasm and energy. He has consistently displayed the values and virtues we look for in a young College student. His strengths of humour, kindness and gratitude shine through in the way he interacts and works well with others. Whether it be through cricket, rugby, choir, music or in the classroom, Samuel always puts his best foot forward.

Jack Hastie Year 9 Character Award

Jack demonstrates good character in all that he does and has made the most of his opportunities beyond the classroom. He has shown great initiative in Junior Round Square, debating and House activities. His personal strengths of perseverance, perspective and fairness are clearly seen in all aspects of his College life. Jack has shown confidence and humility in the pursuit of personal excellence.


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