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George Gearry Year 13 Character Award

His attitude and engagement while juggling the various challenges that have arisen this year have been impressive and he must be commended for the integrity he displays at school. He has been an excellent role model for younger students. Edward is an individual who can be relied on to show respect and compassion and he is a good friend when someone needs support. Nick Wilson, Year 11 Year 11 Character Award Nick consistently displays the values of Christ’s College. He has clearly displayed his character strengths of honesty, leadership and social intelligence in the way he interacts with others, and is always supportive of others around the school. He makes the most of his opportunities and approaches all activities with confidence and humility.

to time-consuming House activities and has been committed to all aspects of College life. He has met challenges that have arisen and shown resilience.

George is an exceptional student who demonstrates leadership, compassion and kindness. As Head of Rolleston House, George has acted with integrity, respect and inclusivity to positively influence House culture and to bring out the best in others. He is a strong leader with outstanding moral character. He has developed and introduced a Rolleston House Code of Conduct that highlights respect, engagement and supporting others as key values. George is involved in both community service and environmental activities. He makes the most of every opportunity presented to him.

Jack Smith Year 12 Character Award

Jack has proven himself to be a good citizen of the school and he reflects the attributes of our College Graduate profile. He has consistently demonstrated leadership, perseverance and commitment in all aspects of College life. He has shown great character and has developed a strong, empathetic leadership style around School House. He has quietly, and humbly gone about his work.

Isaac Aitken Year 13 Character Award

Isaac has given good service to College and to others this year, demonstrating kindness, leadership and humility as some of his top strengths. He has been thoughtful in the way he has interacted with others and has had a positive influence as a leader within his House. Isaac has clearly displayed the disposition to serve, as well as the personal excellence desired in a College Graduate.

Ciaran Huntley Year 12 Character Award

Ciaran has clearly displayed the character strengths of perspective, creativity, perseverance and teamwork. He has been supportive of his peers within the House, showing respect and empathy for the differences of others. He has willingly given his time to contribute


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