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for the younger students whilst demonstrating the value which he places on the House system. This optimistic and competitive spirit ensured a great year for the boys in Flower’s and inspired a determination to achieve well in all areas. Many students were keen to step up and take the lead in helping organise teams, participate or gather support from those watching at House events, and the energy and passion in the stands was evident to see. Flower’s made it to several finals this year, two of our most significant, against the odds, were winning the junior interhouse cricket and senior interhouse golf, and we were also awarded a special prize at the interhouse play festival. We made a significant impact at the interhouse music competition (and we intend to be a force to be reckoned with in 2022); we were also the House with the most members of any House in the school choir; we were significant contributors to the School play; and with a number of our boys displaying their incredible talents we left a lasting impression on the arts. Of course, everyone wants to win and we certainly aim to be seen as serious competitors in everything that we do. However our biggest achievement this year is that Flower’s House was recognised as a well-rounded House. Our boys remained humble both in victory and defeat, we filled in where teams may have needed numbers and we wore our College uniform with pride at all times. Those looking in would have seen a happy, supportive, engaged community of boys and staff all proud to be a part of Flower’s House and Christ’s College. We were recognised for this effort by being awarded the Major Boarding Cup for

finishing as the top boarding House in 2021, a fantastic achievement, testimony to the outstanding leadership and support of Sam Hadley, Barnaby Middleton and their Year 13 dorm. A key part of the Flower’s experience are the newly established “traditional” House barbecues, which, each Friday see our boys come home to a BBQ. There are two rules, no phones and full engagement – that’s it. We have had a large number of staff from sports coaches, school management, boarding staff from other Houses, and on occasion visiting Old Boys attend what is slowly becoming a feature of Flower’s. This is our small way of strengthening relationships internally while expanding our network amongst the school. INTERHOUSE EVENTS House Music This year’s House Music performance of December, 1963 (oh what a night) by The Four Seasons was performed with passion and pride and gave a good representation of who we are as a House. While we were disappointed not to have placed higher, the winning Houses were outstanding and so we applaud their efforts. There were some very important lessons to be learned, lessons that we can apply to our planning and preparation that will ensure that we close the gap as we strive to increase our footprint in music, the arts and drama. House Plays Our House Play this year was James Saunders’ play Over the Wall which was directed by Richard Harnett.

Housemaster: Lionel Randall Deputy Housemaster/Mentor: Monique Ellis-Martin Mentors: Gill Kilpatrick, Neil Nicholson Matron: Karen Adams Residential Tutors: Zac Knight, Kale Thatcher Non-residential Tutors: William Bastings, Max Goodwin Head of House: Sam Hadley Deputy Head of House: Barnaby Middleton This was a year of significant change for the House, with Ben Vink leaving at the end of Term 1 to take up the role of Director of Boarding, after having successfully served as the Flower’s Housemaster for three years. We welcomed from Auckland Grammar, Lionel Randall, his wife Taryn and their two boys, Oliver and Alistair, as he took up the role of Housemaster. Head of House Sam Hadley and his deputy, Barnaby Middleton were outstanding as they continued the tradition of maintaining a positive and welcoming House Spirit which brought much needed stability to the boys and ensured that the House could go from strength to strength. Sam led the way to success across a number of different House activities and was a positive role model


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