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INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS Sam Hadley – New Zealand U21 National Skiing Champion Tim Wang – 2nd in U15 Men’s Foil, New Zealand National Fencing Championships

It was wonderful to see the boys working so hard at creating such a masterpiece. The Cast: (Main) Ed Davidson; (Doctor) Jake Cutler; (Farmer) Samuel Pye; (Academic) Jono Rookes; (Female Villager) Max Airey; (Mother), Frank O’Gara; (Father) Lachie Short; (Priest) Tom Foster; (Villager) Ben Donaldson; (Villager) Aston Nijjar; (Villager) George Mathews; (Villager) Tom Hodges; (Narrator 1) Will Pryor; (Narrator 2) Josh Peckitt. With the only Year 13 being Jake Cutler, this was an exceptionally young cast. There was some strong acting and so the future most certainly bodes well. The boys put everything into their roles and while we may not have come away with the overall win this year, we take the good, for example the flying scene which was both entertaining and cleverly done, and our costumes. The boys won awards for both and we carry the lessons learnt into 2022, in particular, having the confidence to step out of our comfort zone, which can only come through experience. Sport Our two most successful campaigns are outlined here. The first, on interhouse golf, is by Head of House Sam Hadley. Interhouse Golf Flower’s House was most certainly regarded as an underdog House coming into this competition, with many believing we were there just to have a good time. However, the 9-hole matches at Tai Tapu Golf Club during every week of Term 4, and all the chipping and putting practice in the hallways when Karen and the ladies weren’t watching, wasn’t just for the sake of it – it was hard work. It was a 9-hole competition at Hagley Park Golf Club with modified Stableford scoring, where one point was awarded for a double bogey, 2 for bogey, and 3 for par, and it was the combined score of all three players, highest score wins. We all had very respectable rounds, but a lost ball on the only par 5 from

Matt Hocquard, and some poor putting performances at times from Jack Martin and I, left us room for improvement and a little wary of the outcome. However, Jack was able to call on his newly discovered chipping skills (landed three in his rubbish bin in a row on Wednesday morning), and managed to chip one from around 25ft into the cup for par, which would later be the decider in the overall competition, as Flower’s topped the competition from Jacobs, which was only 1 point behind. Final scores were Matt with 20 points, who tied first for the highest individual score; then Jack with 18, and myself with 17. Our first big win of the year gave the lads good motivation coming into Sunday morning for the interhouse clay target shoot (where Flower’s came a very close second having lost to the overall winner by a single point). – Sam Hadley Interhouse Cricket On Monday 22 November, playing a powerhouse Jacobs in the Junior interhouse final, our boys played an outstanding game. The boys entered the field fired up and ready to embrace every opportunity that playing in a final brings, and they did not disappoint. Batting first, we posted a defendable score of 86 (in 10 overs), which came through a combination of well-run singles and a healthy number of powerfully hit boundaries. Our bowlers were clinical in their execution and our fielders displayed true Flower’s grit in that they didn’t give an inch. They sprinted to ensure that our opposition’s runs were kept to a minimum and they covered for one another when going for run outs (creating four in the process). However, what impressed most however was the humility and respect shown towards our opposition, and the way in which our boys praised positive play and stuck to the task at hand. They were the epitome of good sportsmanship and we are especially proud of that. Another highlight was the passionate crowd of Flower’s supporters who came out to cheer on our boys, bringing great energy through their loud cheering.

Jake Cutler – New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Choir

SERVICE Flower’s House has continued to build on our long-standing relationship with Ronald McDonald House, and this year, after a conversation with its managers, we discovered that the children were short of toys, such as scooters and bikes. Instead of taking the easy option and asking their parents for money for a ‘quick fix’, our boys decided to ‘OWN IT’, to be proactive and to raise their own funds. So they decided to run a sausage sizzle at school in order to raise some money for their House- led initiative. The boys cooked and sold sausages to the boys and staff at College and they raised enough money to be able to buy Ronald McDonald House four scooters and a balance bike. The scooters were delivered and when a group of boys, along with Deputy Housemaster Monique Ellis- Martin, went back for our regular weekly visit, it was heart-warming to see one of the toddlers riding around the lounge on one of the gifted scooters. This left a lasting impression on both boys and staff. Each week, a group of four Year 9 and Year 10 boys willingly volunteer to go and help out at the house. Their time is greatly appreciated and they are utilised to do good. Tasks include manual work, such as helping around the property by raking up leaves, tidying toys, cleaning, moving things, filling envelopes, or by taking up a more empathetic role, such as playing with the kids and making food. The boys never know what tasks they will be doing, but yet, each week, hands go up wanting to go down and help out.


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