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It’s Back-to-School Time

W ith back-to-school around the corner, we can’t help but get just the right backpack. Some kids are dreading the idea of going to class every day, while others are chomping at the bit. But back-to-school is a little different now for the two of us. As our kids have gotten older and we don’t have to worry as much about first-day jitters, we tend to focus our attention more on how back-to-school pertains to our firm. Child and school safety is always of utmost importance during this time of year. Buses are back on the roads, kids are on the sidewalks, and traffic is always different. All of the new external stimuli can increase the potential for accidents. It’s important to remember that in Connecticut, you must stop for school buses. It may sound rudimentary for some, but the flashing lights on a bus mean you have to stop until the lights stop flashing. And paying attention to excited children running to greet their parents or toward their school bus is of paramount importance now that school is back in session. “OUR LAW FIRM GETS INTERNS YEAR-ROUND FROM THE COMMUNITY COLLEGES AND THE STATE UNIVERSITIES, AND EACH ONE OF THEM BRINGS SOMETHING UNIQUE TO THE TABLE” reminisce on the same process many of you are going through right now: shopping for school supplies and making sure to Of all the great aspects of Connecticut, our schools have to be at the top of the list. First of all, go Huskies! Our firm’s staff and Paul’s children represent the UConn blue with pride. Kelly is a UConn graduate as well as a University of CT School of Law graduate. Of course, there’s Yale and Wesleyan too, and they are wonderful schools. But it’s not just the major universities that make up our great state. Connecticut is small, but there’s an abundance of educational opportunity available for those who want it. Connecticut has a great network of community colleges that make a significant impact on local students. Our law firm gets interns year-round from the community colleges and the state universities, and each one of them brings something unique to the table.

Education would be nothing without teachers. We’ve had the pleasure of representing many teachers in our firm as well as sending our own kids through Connecticut schools. We’ve come away impressed at the professionalism and dedication teachers put into their craft. It’s truly amazing to see the heart these driven individuals pour into students. All of their caring makes a significant difference in not just the lives of their students, but also in our community, and ultimately our great state. The foundation of our firm is, in part, deeply rooted in education — not because of the degrees we have or the students and staff we invite to intern and work with us, but because of how we strive to approach our clients. We endeavor to keep our clients educated through the progression of their cases. Everything we focus on centers around providing better service and getting results. A client who has the proper expectations and understanding goes a long way in winning a case. And of course, there’s Jack. Without schools and libraries, Jack would have fewer places to visit. He loves serving the kids at the schools he goes to, and Kelly loves taking him there. It’s an experience unlike any other when you see a child’s face light up after spending time with a great dog like Jack. If you’re interested in more information on how we strive to educate our clients or how to be safe during back-to-school, reach out to us. And, as you know, our firm published a book that can help answer any questions you may have and give you an opportunity to learn something new. Feel free to give us a call for a free copy or download of “Life Altering Personal Injury Cases In Connecticut: Your Legal Road Map.” Who says education has to stop at school? –Paul Levin and Kelly Kasheta

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