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Do You Prefer Mike’s or Modern?

Boston’s Best Face Off The Battle for City Supremacy

BEST RECORD STORE: Newbury Comics vs. In Your Ear!

When you live in and around Boston, you have more than two options for everything. There are dozens of great cups of coffee or places to catch a movie in the area, but, every once in a while, two institutions vie for the title of the city’s best in a head-to-head battle. We’re not brave enough to pick a side in these tussles, but they make great fodder for a casual debate between friends or family members.

If you’ve never seen somebody walking down the street carrying a blag emblazoned with Newbury Comics’ iconic Toothface logo, you’ve not lived in Boston very long. Newbury is a cultural landmark and the best place to bring out-of-towners in search of some music or a silly gift. Allston’s In Your Ear!, on the other hand, is the type of shop where record nerds can spend hours digging through the crates.

BEST BURGER: Craigie on Main vs. Drink

BEST ITALIAN PASTRY: Mike’s Pastry vs. Modern Pastry

Tony Maws and Barbara Lynch are two titans of the Boston culinary scene, so it’s no surprise they both lay claim to the throne of the city’s best burger. Craigie on Main’s burger is the stuff of legend. It’s graced the cover of Bon Appétit and regularly sells out. The burger Lynch offers at cocktail-focused Drink used to be off-menu but grew so popular that it’s now a full-time offering.

When discussing the best Italian bakery in the North End, you’ll often hear a simple question come up: Mike’s or Modern? These two shops, which are about 400 feet away from one another, have maintained a friendly rivalry for decades. If you want to put them both to the test, grab some cannoli from each and have a taste-off. If you can’t decide, have another one — and another one and another one.

BEST SPORTS TEAM: Bruins vs. Celtics vs. Patriots vs. Red Sox

Just kidding! There’s no deciding between these franchises. We love them all.


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