PT Rehab: Benefits of Therapy Pre and Post Rehab Surgery

The Therapy Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body PRE-SURGICAL VS. POST-SURGICAL REHAB: THE BENEFITS OF BOTH

What’s the difference between pre-surgical rehab and post-surgical rehab? You may be familiar with rehabilitation after surgery, or post- surgical rehab. It makes sense – your body loses a lot of strength when undergoing a surgical procedure, and rehabilitation treatments are needed in order to help you regain your function.

If you have a surgery coming up, it is natural to feel a little nervous. Thinking about the procedure itself, as well as the necessary amount of time you’ll spend recovering, can seem a bit intimidating. At Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists, we want to make sure that your surgery is as smooth as possible and that your recovery process is as quick and easy as possible. This is most effectively achieved when combining pre- surgical rehabilitation and post- surgical rehabilitation treatments.

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APRIL 2019 The Therapy Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body PRE-SURGICAL VS. POST-SURGICAL REHAB: THE BENEFITS OF BOTH

(continued from outside) Pre-surgical rehabilitation is a bit different. It focuses on stretches and exercises prior to surgery in order to prepare your body for the procedure ahead. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, participating in exercise therapies prior to surgery can exceptionally improve your post-operative outcomes and reduce your recovery time. To put pre-surgical rehabilitation into perspective, there are 6 key benefits to participating in it: 1. It decreases pain. 2. It decreases the risk of complications. 3. It increases your stamina. 4. It improves your surgical outcomes. 5. It decreases your recovery time. 6. It may possibly even eliminate your need for surgery altogether! Post-surgical rehabilitation tends to focus on targeted exercises and stretches that are aimed at helping relieve your pain, improve your strength, and redeem your optimum function in the affected area(s) of your body. It may also incorporate additional methods or modalities as needed, such as manual therapy, ice and heat therapies, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and more. Essentially, it helps you make a full recovery from your surgery. It is no secret that surgery takes a toll on the body, so preparing yourself beforehand with strengthening stretches and exercises can greatly benefit your results. It can also help you prepare mentally, by giving you a better peace of mind going into surgery, knowing you did everything to make the procedure as easy on you as possible.

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If you know someone suffering with aches and pains give the gift of health. Refer them to Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists today. Pass along this newsletter or have them call us directly to schedule an appointment.


Pre-surgical rehabilitation and post-surgical rehabilitation can be used to make any surgical procedure as easy as possible on your body. While pre-surgical rehabilitation is not always required in a treatment plan, it is always recommended as a way to yield the best results. The best results are always achieved through treatments before and after surgery. For example, according to an article on shoulder replacement surgery published by the Hofmann Arthritis Institute, “Formal physical therapy is not required before surgery, but it is advised to get in the best physical shape possible before surgery to lessen the change for complication and shorten your recovery time.” The same article also states that “The day after surgery, you will begin working with physical therapy to become comfortable using your new shoulder.” This demonstrates how beneficial it is to complete both pre-surgical rehab, and post-surgical rehab, as both are meant to make your recovery process as easy and comfortable as possible. Contact Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists today! At Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists, we are happy to say that we offer both pre-surgical rehabilitation and post-surgical rehabilitation services. We want to help make your surgery and recovery as safe, easy, quick, and comfortable as possible for you.

If you have a surgery coming up and you’d like to discuss setting up a “before and after” treatment plan, schedule a consultation with one of our licensed physical therapists today. We’d be happy to set up an appointment for you and get you started on the path toward pain relief, improved function, and a speedy recovery.

No Doctor Referral Necessary Whether you want to come in for a check-up, suffered a recent injury or you want to improve your health, a doctor referral is not needed. In the state of Michigan you have direct access to physical therapy!

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Patient Success Spotlight

Exercise Essential

Try this movement if you are experiencing shoulder pain.

“My physical therapist listened and addressed every concern. He was able to help both my knee and back recover as I’d hoped.”


Relieves Shoulder Pain

While holding an elastic band at your side with your elbow bent, start with your hand near your stomach and then pull the band away. Keep your elbow at your side the entire time.

“8 weeks ago I had my second total knee replacement done by Dr. Mayne. My first knee replacement was completed at Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists with very successful results. I was able to return to sports like golf and tennis within a few months! Now, a returning patient to the clinic, I am nearing the end of physical therapy with my second knee. This knee too has made a great recovery, even with having a minor complication of a back strain. My physical therapist listened and addressed every concern. He was able to help both my knee and back recover as I’d hoped. I would recommend Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists to everyone!” - Creston


Staff Spotlight

Healthy Recipe


Cindy Hubble, Office Manager

How long have you worked for PhysicalTherapy & Rehab Specialists? For 13 years. What is your role at PT&RS? I’m the office manager and work with the insurance side of things, as well as authorizations.

• 2 tbsp blackened seasoning • ½ cup plain, Greek yogurt • ½ avocado • 1 tsp lemon juice • ½ tsp garlic powder • ⅛ tsp salt • 2 tbsp green onions, thinly sliced

What is your favorite snack? Chips, I prefer salty snacks over sweets and of course, my diet Pepsi. Where has been your most memorable vacation? Hawaii. We have been there twice, to Oahu and the Big Island. I love the Big Island and could easily live there. What do you like to do in your free time? I love spending time with my family, especially my granddaughters who are 6 and 1.5 years old. “I like to make sure our patients feel comfortable the moment they make the first call to schedule their appointment and feel at home when they walk in the door for the first appointment. It’s a great feeling knowing that I have helped in the process and that they are satisfied.”

INSTRUCTIONS Place the chicken breasts and blackened seasoning in a large resealable bag. Seal and shake a few times to evenly coat the chicken. Lightly coat a large skillet with nonstick cooking spray and heat over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and cook until cooked through, 4-6 minutes per side. Meanwhile, in a food processor, combine the yogurt, avocado, lemon juice, garlic powder, and salt and pulse until smooth and creamy. To serve, top each chicken breast with 2 tablespoons of the creamy avocado sauce and garnish with ½ tablespoon green onions.

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