AUCCCD Director Survey 2016-17

 We are participating in committee work for the college's engaged pluralism initiative to help make our campus more affirming for all community members, we created “self-care for activists” workshops, we have participated in community marches and protests.

A number of centers also noted sponsoring programming on their own or partnering with other campus constituencies and/or increasing outreach in this area:  We've partnered with campus life offices to create group processing events, posted on social media, and increased participation at diversity & inclusion events as attendees and committee members.  Increased support groups, participated in campus dialogues, helped facilitate student affairs trainings.  We have posted messages on our website and social media addressing the potential impact of various events on individuals within our campus community, and on the climate of the community itself. We have partnered with the Multicultural Student Center to hold awareness events on campus. We have made ourselves available to organizations and student groups that had planned gatherings to address such topics.  Participated in campus panels, facilitated campus dialogues, facilitated microaggressions workshops, staff dialogue re: clinical implications, posted racial trauma/psycho-ed material on website.  We have been intentional about serving/reaching out to populations that were targeted, e.g., workshop series for undocumented students.  We have led a number of restorative justice talking circles, we have offered services specifically for those affected by current events, we attend events in support of marginalized groups.  Helped organize and staff offerings for vulnerable populations.  We have held community gatherings that are focused on supporting one another and basic techniques for mindfulness, relaxation, constructive discourse. We have co-facilitated programs with our Diversity Center that are marketed as directly in response to specific events (e.g. immigration bill, Orlando shooting, etc.).  We collaborated with campus departments and colleagues, as well as community members. We provided individual services, online resources, consultation, and are available for campus-wide events as needed. Some centers reported posting statements on their website and communicating through other avenues to students, in addition to other activities:  We show up at all political rallies. We often post statements on our website in support of certain populations (e.g., undocumented students, Black Lives Matters campaign, etc.).  Message on our webpage acknowledging the events and welcoming students to our center.  Statement on our webpage (intentionally written to be inclusive regardless of political orientation); increased participation at campus events, outreaches, committee meetings,


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