AUCCCD Director Survey 2016-17

etc.; department debriefs/discussions/supports as needed; collaborations with other departments to support affected students.  Statements prepared and released, counseling available.  We developed a Diversity and Inclusion Statement, and post responses on our website for local and national issues/events that will impact students. We have increased programming in collaboration with our Multicultural Student Center along with other campus entities to promote inclusion and support for students with marginalized identities, and we have engaged in several learning experiences as a counseling staff to increase knowledge, skills and awareness about current issues impacting students.  Website statements, increased community programming, groups that serve affected communities, and partnership with other units that serve marginalized student groups. And many centers offered a multi-pronged response:  Provided counseling support at dialogues on campus processing incidents that occurred on our campus; collaborated with offices on campus to create programming; met with student groups for needs assessment and support; processed internally within the center to determine climate, staff burnout and additional needs; consultation with administration.  Outreach programming, institutional consultation including director serving on bias incident response team, in-house professional development that includes exploration and processing of current events on staff, initiating conversations about events with clients and other departments.  We work from a feminist/social justice perspective so social/political events have been an integral part of our conversations -- the impact on us AND on our clients. We have had signs in our office welcoming everyone, showing our support for marginalized students; we have been active in campus rallies, etc; we co-sponsored groups after the election.  Website message; sponsored and facilitated campus open meetings; did consulting around creating an in-house "our voices" group for people of color; engaged with officers of diversity on c ampus to create engagement on campus around it; attended protests and invited student groups to talk to the director about their campus concerns.  Participant task force & forums. Supportive social justice messages on our homepage. --Met with targeted student populations on campus in their places of safe harbor for open dialogue and support. Hired extra-help bilingual counselors with relevant clinical experience with DACA, immigrant, international, and/or refugee populations. Internal staff dialogue & process. After-hours support for student protest attendees’ trauma.  Host campus forums and panel discussions as well as bring in outside presenters. Hired a Director of Inclusive Excellence and are currently engaged in Student Life focus groups across campus on ways to increase student and faculty collaboration and involvement in addressing these issues and promoting equity and inclusion for all campus constituents.


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