What Increased Demand Looks Like on Campus Waitlists Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg


Waitlists Are the Most Visible Metric…

“After the first week, students have to wait weeks for an appointment. I know that there are students on the waitlist that we just won’t get to this semester.”

“Our waitlist just won’t go away. We have hired additional staff and increased clinical hours offered to students, but they just keep piling up .”

…But There’s More Below the Surface

Decreased frequency of therapy appointments to accommodate more clients

Staff burnout because of long hours and overwhelming caseloads

Lack of physical space to accommodate new hires and increased clinical hours

Less time and resources for outreach, early education, and other priorities

Student dissatisfaction about service availability

Delayed treatment leads students’ concerns to escalate

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Source: EAB interviews and analysis.

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