“We Can’t Afford to Get This Wrong”


Delayed Service Increases Risk All Around

Significant Risks for Failing to Meet Students' Mental Health Needs

Campus Safety

Student Welfare Our number one concern is to ensure that students are well enough to take care of themselves as a person. We want what is best for them.”

Student Success

We have to support our students or else we risk endangering-or being perceived as endangering- our entire campus.”

At the end of the day, it is about helping students be successful with their academic and personal goals. If you really want to improve retention, you have to provide these services or else you are going to have a revolving door as students get overwhelmed.” Vice President for Student Affairs Public Research University

A Demonstrated Impact on Academic Performance

Mental illness is the second most common reason that students dropout of school #2

Average drop in GPA for students with anxiety and mild to severe depression -0.4

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