Time for a New Approach


Today’s Stark Reality Requires a New Path Forward

“The biggest shift for our profession- and university counseling centers on the whole-is that we have to think differently about how people can be helped. We can't keep saying that the 50-minute hour is the best answer because we just don't have the resources. We must get creative, explore and commit to new ways of working, and be open to new ideas that don’t compromise the quality of our work with students. ” Director of Counseling Services Private Research University Opening Up to New Ways of Providing Support

“ Counseling centers have become a place where people expect solutions. There is a huge amount of expectation from students, parents, and faculty in the community that we will whisk in and fix people that are somehow broken. We can’t live up to that mission. Before folks run to counseling, they need to utilize the other services on campus. We need more resources to teach students how to be well and not just panic when students are unwell.“ Realigning Expectations Around Counseling Services

Vice Provost for Student Life Canadian Research University

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Source: EAB interviews and analysis.

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