Training Programs With the end of Spring Quarter came the graduation of the Clinic’s two Master’s Interns, Victoria Rivera and Itsel Corona Madrigal. Each pro- vided 240 hours of direct client service over the course of their 9 months with our clinic. They both grew from very beginning profes- sionals when they walked through our doors in Fall Quarter to well- qualified, entry-level professionals when they left in June. We wish them both the best as they begin their careers, both in community mental health—Victoria in the Seattle area and Itsel back in her hometown of Walla Walla. The Doctoral Internship in Health Psychology received permission to move forward in the reaccreditation process. The next steps are re- sponding to administrative review requests for additional information (only 4 questions across 44 domains) and a site visit that is scheduled for September 27 and 28, 2018. The site visitors will be Jane Clement, PhD, University of Memphis, Counseling Center Director (chair) and Cecilia Sun, PhD, Training Director, University of Houston. The Counseling Clinic staff engage in a continual process of self- evaluation of our services. Each June, the state meets to review the year, discuss what worked well and what could be done better. We looked at what we do very well, where we can improve, and what needs we have trouble meeting. This June, we reviewed our service delivery methods, particularly the early contacts students have with our clinic and are making some minor modifications to our practices starting in the Fall. We also discussed ways to help students and staff better identify a student’s needs with respect to counseling services so that our services can be targeted, effective, and grounded in the unique personhood of each student. Staff also looked at our meetings, ways to use to use our time together to promote professional development and staff cohesion. We also reviewed charting practices to make documen- tation efficient for clinicians and effective for the clinic. Program Evaluation Continues As the Counseling Clinic staff have continued to wrestle with our sup- ply-demand concerns and made changes throughout the year to ad- dress student needs, it also became clear that the clinic cannot contin- ue to operate “business as usual” moving into the next academic year. The clinic staff appreciates, as noted earlier, the strong support it has received this year from the top levels of university administration, in approval of additional staff, development of additional funding through existing and potentially new streams, and in the simply acknowledgement of the reality of the hard work that we do. We also appreciate the campus conversation regarding the mental health needs of our students and dialogue regarding a campus-wide, rather than solely counseling clinic response. We look forward to additional dia- logues, collaborations, and moving forward to best serve our Central.

Counseling Clinic Satisfaction Survey

Ongoing therapy clients were surveyed for a week in Spring Quarter 2018 135 students complet- ed the survey 85.1% agreed or strongly agreed that they are overall satis- fied with the treatment they received at the Counseling Clinic 88.1% indicated that they would return in the future 91.9% would refer a friend to the Counsel- ing Clinic 70% agreed or strong agreed that they were satisfied with the pro- gress they made in therapy 59.2% agreed or strongly agreed that services helped them stay enrolled at CWU 67.4% agreed or strong agreed that services helped maintain or improve their academic performance 77.1% agreed or strongly agreed that services helped im- prove the quality of their college experi- ence 78.5% agreed or strongly agreed that their counselor was sensitive to their cultur- al or individual identi- ties


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