May 2018 Prepared by: Cindy Bruns, PhD Director of Counseling

CWU Student Medical and Counseling Clinic Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey Administered during Spring Quarter 2018

During the week of May 14, 2018, the Student Medical and Counseling Clinic conducted its spring satisfaction survey. Some changes were made to the survey process in order to increase our response rates and the efficiency of data collection. A total of 334 students (190 medical patients; 144 counseling clients) were offered the opportuni- ty to complete the survey. Of these students, 259, or 77.54%, com- pleted the survey. The response rate for medical patients was 65.26%; counseling client response rate was 93.75%. Significantly more students completed the surveys this year as compared to last year, when only 83 medical patients and 53 counseling clients took the survey. Traditionally, students were asked to complete the survey after their medical or counseling appointment, leading to significant attrition. Also, in the past, all medical patients were offered an opportunity to complete the survey (so it may have been their first interaction with the medical clinic). Counseling surveys have traditionally been given to clients in ongoing individual services. This year, both medical and counseling surveys were only give to those students with an estab- lished relationship with the clinic (at least 1 or more prior appoint- ments with the unit being surveyed). Students were asked to com- plete the survey prior to their appointment that day, and the ques- tions were phrased to encourage students to consider their experi- ence with medical or counseling services in general, not just the spe- cific provider they were scheduled to see that day. It should be noted that for medical patients, who are more likely than counseling clients to see a variety of providers, 67.7% of respondents had previously seen the provider with whom they were scheduled on the day of the survey. Surveys were completed using tablets rather than paper and pencil and collected anonymously through the Titanium scheduling system (students were given a fake login to use so that data were not con- nected to their patient information and providers could not access their data). This increased the efficiency of data collection and analy- sis.

Inside this report

Medical Services .........................2-4

Counseling Services ....................5-7

Front Desk...................................8

Clinic Environment......................8

Special points of interest

 58.69% of all students sur- veyed agreed or strong agreed that SMaCC services help them stay enrolled at CWU.  63.32% of all students sur- veyed agreed or strong agreed that SMaCC services help them maintain or im- prove their academic per- formance at CWU.  79.54% of all students sur- veyed agreed or strong agreed that SMaCC services help improve the quality of their experience at CWU.

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