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Scuba Diving In Costa Rica Monthly

What better thing to do in the heart of the winter than to head out of town and soak up the sun? This February my wife and I had the opportunity to do just that! After weeks of learning the theory and practice behind Scuba diving, we hopped a plane and got out of the office for a couple of days to take the plunge in—where else!?—Costa Rica! Talk about beauty and serenity! For those who haven’t been to Costa Rica, this is a vacation you don’t want to miss out on. We completed our certification dive, which we did in the company of a guide who was able to bring us to a part of the ocean that was guaranteed not to disappoint. This dive was the entire reason behind our decision to head to Costa Rica for a few days. After spending 16 hours in online classes over the course of three days, and then another 11 hours in the pool here at home for guided classes, we were more than excited to get into the warmth and sunshine and explore the ocean. It was absolutely worth the work put into to earning our certification. Of course, we didn’t spend the entire trip under the water. We took time to explore the country, taking a Jungle Tour of the rainforest and even got to see a Volcano up close. The trip of a lifetime, and a great way to warm-up in the middle of winter.

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