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Aug 2019

SHANEE’S LABOR OF LOVE THIRDTIME’STHE CHARM L ike most who come to SCORE, Shanee Davis came with the dream of opening her own business. She envisioned a local convenience store that would serve as a community hub and provide daily necessities, beginning.After learning about her vision, Tony helped Shanee.“I got partnered with the greatest person,” Shanee says of Tony.“He was instrumental in the process of starting my business. He encouraged me when I felt deterred. It’s been a phenomenal experience. I feel forever indebted.”

grab-and-go items, and fresh foods to commuters heading to and returning from work. Rooted in her childhood experience of hours-long bus rides to get groceries for her family, Shanee’s dream was to build an accessible business to serve her community. Last year, Shanee saw her dream come true. She secured a contract to open up QSM Mart at Riverview Metrobus Center and just celebrated her one-year anniversary of being in business. “It’s something to be excited about!” she says. (You can read more about QSM Mart at Shanee attributes reaching this milestone in large part to SCORE and her mentor here, Tony Cuneo.When Shanee came to SCORE, she connected withTony, a former COO and business owner with a background in social work.After retiring,Tony looked for a way to serve others that would also utilize his business skills, and his search led him to SCORE. Since serving as a mentor with us, he’s worked with a variety of folks to help them develop their business ideas. Tony says he appreciates the range of people he’s had the opportunity to work with.“It’s the diversity that I really enjoy,” he says.

Tony helped Shanee develop her business plan and mentored her in the financial aspects of owning a business. Of course, as with many entrepreneurial stories, Shanee’s hasn’t been without challenges. She had to go through several trials before winning the contract for her current location, and she was turned down twice before succeeding.“Each time, she had to go before a panel and speak about her plan,” Tony says.“She put together a very fine presentation.”

Tony.“What impressed me the most was her tremendous drive,” Tony says.“She is singularly minded, always focused on her goal. Even after getting told no, she didn’t waver. She’s an amazing person.” Today, Shanee is excited to connect people through her business and to fill a local need, and she knows she can turn to Tony for continuing guidance and support. “I’m part of the community,” Shanee says of the business Tony and SCORE helped her get up and running.“I grew up here; I caught the bus here. It’s very sentimental to do business in the community I grew up in. I look forward to watching it grow.” With SCORE, you’re never alone! Schedule an appointment to meet with a mentor today. Call 1-866-726-7340 or visit right now!

I got partnered with the greatest person.

Along the way,Tony was there to provide feedback and encouragement at every turn.

“Shanee came in with the dream of having her own business,” Tony says.“She brought determination to the table.” He’d mentored other entrepreneurs before, but Shanee’s commitment to her vision stood out to

Shanee speaks to the incredible support and guidance Tony has provided her from the



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