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Memories of My Grandpa

A Soldier and a Farmer

grew excellent wheat. I remember when we took it to the grain elevator to measure the grade, it was the highest quality. We celebrated Thanksgiving soon after the harvest, much earlier than we do in the United States because of the shorter growing season and, consequently, the earlier harvest. My grandfather’s move to Canada is the reason my family and I grew up there. After the war, my grandfather became a member of the American Legion. He and other veterans got together and played cribbage, darts, and horseshoes, and they found a community through their shared service. He and my grandma taught me to play cribbage, and we played it often at their house. Today, my grandfather is buried in the military section of a cemetery in Alberta. I spoke at his funeral and did my best to pay tribute to him and the exemplary life he led. That was an honor for me. He served his country honorably and returned home to raise his family and lead us by example. I’m grateful that I got to know him growing up and that I have many fond memories of the summers I spent helping Grandpa on the farm.

colorful metaphors to tell him to move the truck onto the beach. Eventually, he got the truck unstuck and on the beach, so the rest of the convoy behind him could advance. As he told the story, you could hear that sergeant yelling, imagine the bombs exploding around him, and picture the truck not moving despite every effort he was making. Then suddenly, the wheels caught hold of firm ground, and he was moving. He survived D-Day and was part of the miraculous day when the Allied forces came together to advance on Germany. His experiences in the war didn’t deter him from owning a trucking company later on — he just didn’t want to do it amid flying shells. He settled in Southern Alberta, and, after buying the family homestead from his father, he farmed, growing barley, flax, and wheat. For two summers, when I was 14 and 15, I helped him with the harvest. My grandfather

My grandfather served in the military during World War II. He was there on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. When I was quite young, I asked him about it. To a young person, it all seemed glamorous. For someone who experienced it, though, that wasn’t the case. He was reserved when it came to talking about his experiences, but he did tell me about the invasion of Normandy, when Allies stormed the beach and got a physical foothold that advanced the end the war. My grandfather drove one of the supply trucks off a boat and onto the beach on June 6, 1944. As he drove onto the sand, the truck got stuck. This part he vividly remembers. The truck was stuck, not moving, and his sergeant was screaming at him, calling him by his surname and yelling “Livingston! Get that truck out of there!” He remembers the sergeant using

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