C21Affiliated Sellers Guide



6-8 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING DAY: • Set the date • Interview moving companies & get estimates • Get costs from truck rental companies if you plan to do the move yourself • Inventory household goods • Choose a mover 4 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING DAY: • Contact utility companies to arrange for transfer or shut off • File change of address forms • Notify friends and family of new address • Start organizing items to be moved or packed • Hold yard sale to get rid of unnecessary items 2 WEEKS BEFORE MOVING DAY: • Return any borrowed or rented items • Pick up any personal items • Miscellaneous • Begin to clear out refrigerator and freezer 1 WEEK BEFORE MOVING DAY: • Confirm arrangements with movers • Notify friends that you may need their help • Make arrangements for care of small children and pets for the day

THE DAY BEFORE THE MOVE: • Make sure each person has a bag packed for essentials at the new address • Defrost refrigerator/freezer • Confirm arrival time of movers DAY OF THE MOVE: • Get an early start • Make sure movers have your contact information during the move • Be available to movers for questions • Perform final check of the home once movers have left • Make sure any appliances left behind are turned off • Be sure to leave keys & garage door openers • All rooms should be at least broom clean and prepared for buyer walk through inspection ON DELIVERY DAY: • Make sure you understand how the mover expects to be paid • Supervise unloading and any unpacking • Confirm receipt of all items on inventory sheets


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