CENTURY 21 Affiliated Seller's Guide

SELLING YOUR HOME Location it is the single greatest factor affecting value. A neighborhood’s desirability is basic to a property’s fair market value. Competition Buyers compare your property against others in that neighborhood, and interpret value based on properties available on the market. Timing The real estate market may reflect a “buyers” or “sellers” market. Market conditions cannot be manipulated; an individually tailored marketing plan of action must be developed for each property. Condition The property condition will affect price and speed of sale. Optimizing physical appearance and advance preparation for marketing maximizes value. Terms The more terms available, the larger the market, the quicker the sale and the higher the price. Terms structured to meet your objectives are important to successful marketing. Price If the property is not properly priced, a sale may be delayed or even prevented. Reviewing the Comparative Market Analysis assists you in determining the best possible price.


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