CENTURY 21 Affiliated Seller's Guide

CHECKLIST WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO SELL A PROPERTY? Financial, legal, marketing, screening, security - selling your home requires experience in multiple skill-sets. Go through the questions below and see if you can check off every single one of them. • Understand your goals, objectives and expectations - it’s all about you! • Understand your valuable features and benefits • Discuss our local market presence and my professional representation services • Discuss current market conditions and market data to establish the market value of your home • Discuss your pricing thoughts and pricing strategies • Discuss the benefits of listing your home with CENTURY 21 Affiliated • Select the listing price of your home • Assure your confidence in our service HOW I PROPOSE TO WORK WITH YOU • Listen to your goals and expectations • Understand what makes your home valuable • Share why you should list your home with a CENTURY 21 Affiliated professional

• Highlight how our presence and services can help you • Show a 21-point marketing plan to sell your home • Determine the market value of your property • Discuss optimal pricing strategies • Select the listing price for your home • Share resources and tips to help you get started • Answer any questions you may have

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