Broadleaf Services - July 2020


July 2020

Managing IT During These Tough Times We’re Here to Help

According to the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization, the COVID-19 pandemic is, among other things, a massive experiment in telecommuting. Long after the pandemic has ended, telecommuting will most likely continue. Admittedly, some jobs simply can’t be done from home, but the outbreak is accelerating the trend toward telecommuting, possibly for the long term. The sudden transition to a work-from- home model put a lot of stress on IT teams. Suddenly, in addition to having to troubleshoot their network and endpoints, help desk engineers were having to troubleshoot users' home networks and endpoints. Since all employees have different Wi-Fi setups and different internet providers, there are a lot of complexities that don’t exist in the traditional office environment. What has emerged is an understanding that the IT resources required to provide help desk services to a userbase primarily housed on-site is not adequate to provide those services to a much more scattered workforce. The “new normal” is causing more and more businesses to consider moving to a centralized IT support platform: outsourced help desk services. Broadleaf’s managed services customers experienced a significant uptick in employee service requests in the first weeks after the stay-at-home order was implemented. Like most other organizations, it took time for the employees to get comfortable carrying

out their daily tasks from home. Through it all, however, our managed services customers have experienced no business operations disruptions because Broadleaf provides 24/7/365 help desk services to them. How was Broadleaf Services able to ensure continuity for our customers? In advance of the stay-at-home order, out technical team met with each of our customers to assess their capabilities to transition to a work-from-home model. This allowed the customer to identify and address potential problems in advance of affected productivity. Our unique service delivery model allows us to seamlessly expand available resources for our customers as they grow or in the case of a sudden increase in the number of service requests, as has been the case during the pandemic. This allowed our help desk team to stay ahead of the curve as service requests surged during the transition phase. The bottom line is that our customers were able to continue “business as usual” in the most stressful and uncertain time any of us has faced. Broadleaf Services promises to allow our customers to focus on running and growing their business, while we manage the IT. We are proud to say that we have lived up to that promise even in the most difficult of circumstances. Don’t take my word for it. Here is what a member of the Broadleaf customer family, Marco Rubber & Plastics, has to say. Marco Rubber provides critical

components to manufacturers of emergency medical equipment. In a press release lauding his team’s willingness to do what it took to meet the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, Chad Belinsky, the second- generation CEO of the company, said: “Cross-trained fulfillment and quality departments were up to the challenges of splitting into physical distancing shifts with even more cleaning and personal protection equipment use, some of which was donated by Asian seal suppliers. Many volunteered to work Saturdays and take work home, earning well-deserved bonuses, while others worked through child care and family life situations. "Sudden transition from 99% on-site to 99% remote home operations was facilitated by IT and our IT managed service provider, Broadleaf Services, with limited disruption. Continually adapting is part of life, embracing the ups and downs together with a grounded can-do attitude can help make special things happen. I’m proud, but not surprised, how our dedicated team works together to overcome challenges finding a way to safely support lifesaving and sustaining products.” If you find yourself in need of IT help, whether it be during a unique time such as this pandemic or any other time, then feel free to reach out. Our experienced help desk team is ready to address any issue you’re experiencing, so you can continue to focus on your business.

–Chuck Mosca



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