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Summertime in Idaho

Russell had a great season with baseball, and I had some proud moments as his coach. Our team finished in first place in our league, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of kids. It was a cool feeling to be responsible for selecting our players during tryouts with my co-coach and to find we’d picked a great team.We were happy with the players we got — they were team oriented, supported each other, worked hard, played hard, and had a great time on the field.While winning is, of course, a great bonus, it was the best to see them having fun. Evie got home at the beginning of May, and it’s so good to have her here! We were all pretty excited. Well, Leila may be slightly less excited than everyone else because she had to give her room back. She was a good sport about it, of course, and it’s great to see all our kids hanging out again. You might see Evie around Elkins Dental this summer. She’ll be training with us as a dental assistant. We’ll provide her with skills she can take with her wherever she goes, from Utah to Broadway. My brother Russ and I are excited to play at the Cherry Festival this year, and we’ll make a day of it. It’s become a tradition for us. We usually hang out at the festival, play our show, and enjoy a relaxing day among the sights and sounds of the event. It’s definitely something we enjoy as a whole family, from the music to the tasty cherries. I could easily eat a bunch of them. Even though I stick to a few here and there, it would be too easy for me to get a stomachache. Of our kids, Adam is the only one whose fruit intake we have to monitor because he could eat a bucket of cherries if we let him! Later this month, Beth is flying to Texas for her aunt’s wedding, and she’s really excited to be there. As Beth’s youngest aunt, the bride is just a couple years older, and they’ve been really close their whole lives. I know it’s special for both of them that Beth can be there. Evie and Anna are going with her, so it’ll be a fun girls’ trip for them. Meanwhile, I’ll have the rest of the gang with me, and I’m sure we’ll find plenty to keep us busy. We have our first trip to McCall planned to take out the Jet Ski, and I can’t wait! What are you looking forward to this summer?

Evie and I headed to work

Russell and I after a great season

It’s that time of year! The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and the kids are ready for summer.They just want to have fun, and I can’t blame them.This weather has me excited to spend days on the lake with our Jet Ski.

–Dr. Elkins

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