ReQuest: Build A Strong Core To Relieve Back Pain

GETTING TO KNOW THE TEAM MEGAN FOSTER, LMT, CSCS NEWSLETTER Health & Wellness Newsletter Live Life Pain-free in the country. Before she completed school, she was already taking continuing education courses in scar tissue management, manual ligament therapy, and

learning how to help they body self-correct and heal. Manual Ligament Therapy. Her favorite technique to use is Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT). Along with sports massage and traditional deep tissue, MLT can be very effective in helping the body self-regulate. It’s a technique that uses specific ligaments in the body to affect change in the desiredmuscle tissue. This technique helps reduce overall tension in the tissue because the receptors in the

TransformativeMoments: After moving from Australia at the age of five, Megan and her family settled in Gainesville, FL. Sadly, she no longer has an Australian accent, but she’s still fun to talk to. Megan became interested in massage at a young age. When she was seven or eight years old, her family and some close friends took a trip around the coast of Australia. Each night they camped in a campground, ate camp food, and swapped stories. During this time, she gave each person a quick shoulder massage. At the time, she didn’t know that this was one of the small steps that led her to become aMassage Therapist. Later, in middle school, she went on a medical mission trip to the Dominican

ligaments talk to themuscle, tendons, and fascia, telling them to relax. Why ligaments? MLT uses ligaments because they aremore sensitive than skin and do a lot of communicating with the Central Nervous System. They play a role in managing and controlling our movement. They also do not require very much pressure, so this technique can be used on almost any person, even if their pain is new and intense. Thismeans that it’s a great option for people who have limited mobility or difficulty taking deep pressure. Depending on the circumstance, relief usually lasts a few days to a week, with cumulative relief after multiple sessions. Her Favorite Case. Megan’s mom received Manual Ligament Therapy from Ricky Ray, who also does massage at ReQuest Physical Therapy. She had chronic back pain which made it impossible to stand up, twist, or sleep comfortably. She noticed a difference after one session. It took time to heal, but now she is able to function at a much higher level. MLT helped her get her life back. To schedule with Megan Foster or Ricky Ray, call us at (352) 373-2116.

Republic, where she worked with a Physical Therapist for a week. She witnessed people getting off the table filled with joy at how much better they felt. This was a transformative moment in Megan’s life. From that day on, she knew she wanted to be in the healthcare field. Athletic Influence. Megan continued on the healthcare dream, going to school in Asheville, NC for Health and Wellness Promotion. While there, she played D1 college soccer, interned in Physical Therapy clinics, and gained experience in the strength and conditioning field. After graduating, she spent a short time overseas playing soccer for the top league in Denmark. When she returned, she continued to grow her knowledge in the fitness industry by taking multiple internships and obtaining a strength and conditioning coach certification. Soon, she wished to further her education so that she could do bodywork and help people on their healing journeys. Massage Education. Megan is a graduate of the Florida school of Massage, one of the top massage schools


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