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This Reduced Flange USB3FTV™ is ideal for applications where small dimensions and lower weight are critical. The flange of this receptacle is reduced in order to gain more space on the panel enabling you to mount more receptacles in the same amount of space. Internal dimensions are also modified to save some space internally, giving you more space. The reduced flange deviation saves 41% footprint surface reduction and is 15% lighter than standard USB3FTV™ receptacle. Finally, you have two castle nut options, standard castle nut and safety castle nut that anable you to add a lock wire for anti-rotation of the nut.

Overall dimension Receptacle - Reduced flange receptacle - Castle nut mounting - Shell type 7 - F312 or F311

Coding A

Coding B

Panel drilling

Part number for coding A USB3FTV 7 A N F312 USB3FTV 7 A G F312 USB3FTV 7 A ZN F312 USB3FTV 7 A N F311 USB3FTV 7 A G F311 USB3FTV 7 A ZN F311

Part number for coding B USB3FTV 7 B N F312 USB3FTV 7 B G F312 USB3FTV 7 B ZN F312 USB3FTV 7 B N F311 USB3FTV 7 B G F311 USB3FTV 7 B ZN F311

Mounting nut option



Standard caste nut

Olive drab cadmium

Black zinc nickel


Olive drab cadmium

Safety caste nut

Black zinc nickel

: RoHS compliant

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