Blue Diamond Almond Facts September-October 2022

TGS IS IN THE ZONE Make Amends Using The Schmeiser Orchard Max Aerator

Post-Harvest means it’s time to add soil amendments. Patented Smart-Till Tines fracture and open the soil 8” deep with little soil disturbance. Excel at incorporating amendments such as fertilizer or gypsum directly to the soil for Max results. • Incorporate soil ammendments • Reduces soil compaction • Fast at 6-8 mph reducing cost/acre

Call your dealer for a demo or see the video in action at

Better Root Zone Management from

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BLUE DIAMOND INVESTMENT PROGRAMS Current Investment Rates available as of October 1, 2022

Blue Diamond Growers offers members short-term and long- term investment programs. The objective of these programs is to serve as a competitive investment alternative for our members and provide Blue Diamond Growers with a steady source of funds. The interest rates effective October 1, 2022, for the program are listed here:

Short-Term Investment Certificate (STIC)

Long-Term Investment Certificate (LTIC) (Maturity Date of 6/30/2025)

Initial Investment Required



Interest Rate



(Variable, subject to change)

(Fixed rate)

For more information, contact your local Regional Manager, or Member Services at (209) 545-6225.

This summary does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to purchase investment certificates. We will provide a package of documents for the programs to those members who are California residents and who express an interest in participating in the program.



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