Blue Diamond Almond Facts September-October 2022

• “Water Drought Response Interim or Immediate Relief” Adds to the definition of “interim or

For the most part, this legislative season has gone as we anticipated. A number of bills we opposed, like Bennet’s Groundwater Well AB 2201, we positioned with partners to stop from proceeding. All the while we prepared to work the veto strategy or influence the implementation by positioning with the administration agencies. We knew as early as April the majority of our traced bills that would make it through the legislature, and thus positioned for September. Almonds are unique and powerful. If we want to be treated differently, we must act differently. Taking position to be of influence, regardless of the issue, is our aim. To break the reactionary “whack-a-mole” game Sacramento plays requires working with both sides of the aisle, creating new and non-traditional partnerships and breaking with the herd. Most importantly it requires the discipline to know when to lead and when to follow. As we turn our eye to the 2023 season, Almond Alliance is focusing our energy on the issues that matter most to you — functioning supply chain and a reliable water supply. By concentrating our efforts on the state side, and expanding our federal operations, the Almond Alliance leads in solutions for our growers, our industry, and our community.

immediate relief” certain activities to increase water conservation and drought resilience planning and includes post-performance monitoring as an eligible cost for interim or immediate relief.

Energy Highlights ($859 Million Total)

• $100 million to support the Hydrogen Program at the California Energy Commission (CEC), and $5 million to the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development to support hydrogen hubs. • $100 million to support the Industrial Grid Support and Decarbonization Program at the CEC.

• $25 million to support the Food Production Investment Program at the CEC.

• $162 million to support the Equitable Building Decarbonization program, of which $50 million is to support the TECH initiative. • $20 million to support the adoption of ultra-low- global-warming potential refrigerants.

• $45 million to support Offshore Wind Infrastructure.

• $100 million to support Oroville Pump Storage.

• $200 million for energy transmission projects, with the first round supporting the Salton Sea region.

• $50 million to support carbon removal projects.

Aubrey Bettencourt,

• $235 million to support zero-emission vehicles and infrastructure.

President/CEO, Almond Alliance



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