The Experience Summer 2018

Heather (Whiteman) Howell ’93 and her husband, Barry, live in Florida where they both work for Lighthouse Ministries, a ministry to homeless and/or displaced men, women, and children. Heather is the Director of Human Resources and Food Ministry. She also serves as a Case Manager, Event Coordinator, and oversees some maintenance. Jody and Kristen (McCullers) Sarno ’93 live in Pennsylvania where Kristen works as an Administrative Assistant at Alive! Community Church where she is also on the Worship Team. They have three children: David (21), Robert (9), and Alexander (6). They also have two grandchildren: Hayley (4) and Andrew (1). Sarah (Whiteman) Brooks ’93 and her husband, Lt. Mark Brooks, live in Maine. Sarah is a real estate appraiser, and Mark is a Maine State Trooper. They have two daughters: Julia (15) and Hope (12). April Hickory ’93 lives in Virginia where she works as an art director. Marty Schubert ’94 & ’95 (Impact Team ’96) and his wife, Jennifer, live in South Korea. He is a U.S. Army Chaplain. They have two children: Noah and Abigail. Thomas Obunde ’94 & ’00 and his wife, Faith, serve as missionaries with Word of Life Uganda. They have four children: Vanessa (22), Matthew (20) ’17 and a current 2nd year student ’18) , Simon (17), and Tandy (8). Ginger (Adkisson) Mazur ’95 and her husband, Michael, live in New Jersey. Lee Lounsbury ’95 and his wife, Teresa, live in New York where he is a business owner. They have three children: Desiree Parker ’08 & ‘10 , Chelsea ‘09 , and Phil (a current 1st year student ’18) . Jennifer (Beams) Nichols ’96 and her husband, Scott, live in Delaware where she is a warranty administrator for multiple car dealerships. They have two children: Abigail (14) and Kylie (11). Jennifer is involved in the Junior and Senior High youth group and is the Awana Director at her church. Mark and Alicia (Banker) Redmond ‘96 live in Virginia. Mark is retired from the US Army. They have four children: Mark III (20) ‘16 & ’17 , Alanna (18) (a current 1st year student ’18) , Kimberly (12), and Krista (9). Carmen (Simons) Grant ‘96 and her husband, Shane, live in Bermuda where she is an accountant and an Olympian Leader in their church. They have a daughter, Cashayna (12).

works in law enforcement and corrections as a Sergeant. They have four children: Rachel Tanedo (25) ’11 , Caleb (22), Joshua (21) ‘17 and current 2nd year student , and Noah (17). Keith Erickson ’89 & ‘90 and his wife, Wendy, live in New York where Keith is involved in photography, woodworking, youth ministry, and construction. They have a daughter, Kara. 1990’s Simone Spieker ‘90 is a nurse in North Carolina where she lives with her children: Katrina (18), Lisa (16), and Amanda (15). Edward Kirchberger ‘90 and his wife, Lillian, live in New York where Edward works as a landscaper and a real estate appraiser. They have two sons: Justin (19) (a current student ’18) and James (16). Marion Kessler ‘90 and his wife, Sheri, live in Ohio where he works as a financial analyst. They have two children: Timothy (19) (a current student ‘18 at the BI) and Sadie (15). Erica (Bolen) Luden ‘91 and her husband, Regis, live in Pennsylvania. They have two children: Marissa (21) and Jarod (17). She is a youth leader in their church. Robert Dorr ‘91 and his wife, Andrea, live in Virginia. He is a retired Navy Hospital Corpsman. He is currently studying to be a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Patrick and Rebecca (Coy) Kelly ‘92 live in Ohio with their two boys: Elijah (12) and Peyton (9). Sharon (King) Koronik ’92 and her husband, Paul, live in Maryland. They have two children: Alexander (16) and Ethan (9). Sharon is on the Praise Team at church and is also involved in their media ministry. Wesley Snell ‘92 is and his wife, Betsy, live in New York. He is a general contractor. They have seven children: Maddie (19) (a current student ’18) , Laura (19), Ben (17), Meghan (17), Mary (15), Lydia (11), and Wesley (9). Valerie (Detwiler) Wegner ’92 & ’93 and her husband, Bill, live in Virginia where she is a homeschooling mom to their four children: Angela (17), Zachary (15), Brenna (12), and Reid (9). Her husband is the Associate Pastor at Freedom Baptist Church in Chesapeake. Sonya (Hautala) Lee ’92 & ’93 and her husband, Ryan, live in Texas where she is a stay-at-home mom to their two children: Micah (8) and Sophie (6).

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