The Experience Summer 2018

2000’s Marjorie (Kelly) Weer ’00 & ’02 and her husband, Kevin, live in South Carolina where Marjorie is building her marital mediation career. She works with couples who are having a hard time communicating with each other and one or both parties are resistant to counseling or therapy. They have two children: Montgomery (3) and Evangeline (1). Jim and Heather (Gushee) Barbour ’01 & ‘02 live in Pennsylvania and have four children: James (12), Kiley (10), Lynndee (8), and Mollie (5). Faith (Wilkins) Torsey ’02 & ’03 and her husband, Philip, live in New Hampshire where she is a lead sales associate at Dollar General. Seth ’02 &’04 and Dina (Bulai) ‘04 (Ukraine) Heydinger are serving with Word of Life as missionaries in Poland. Betsie (Basa) Caban ’03 & ‘04 and her husband, Elias, live in California. They have two children: Evelyn (3) and Eliza (1). Heather (Morgan) Perry ’03 & ‘04 and her husband, Aaron, live in Indiana where Aaron is a seminary professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. Heather is a stay-at-home mom to their three children: Emma Beth (6), Wesley (4), and Donovan (1). Daniel Howard ‘04 andhiswife, Nicole, live inPennsylvania. He is a Student Pastor at Parker Hill Church. They have three children: Julia (7), Ava (4), and Ariana (1). Charlie ’05 (Owen Sound) and Lindsey (Stacey) ’04 (Owen Sound) Lyons live in Ontario where Lindsey is a stay-at-home mom to their three children: Caleb (8), Olivia (5), and Annie (3). Fernando and Mariah (Falcao) De Oliveira ’05 (Brazil) are officers in the Salvation Army in Pennsylvania. They have four children: David (7), Joy (4), Sammy (2), and Jonathan (1). David Bates ’03 & ‘06 and his wife, Anna, live in Rhode Island. They have three children: Stan (18), Zachary (7), and Brandon (6). David andSarah (Wright) Graham ’07 live in Pennsylvania. David is a firefighter, and Sarah homeschools their three children: Grace (8), Melody (6), and Jenna (3). Mary (Schrader) Miller ‘07 and her husband, Samuel, live in Pennsylvania. She is a full-time homemaker, and they have three children: Levi (5), Wesley (2), and Hannah (1). Justin ’11 and Alysha (Greenia) ’07 Farnsworth live in West Virginia where Justin is the Facilities Manager at

Greg ’96 & ’97 and Amanda (Young) ’96 Cintron live in Florida where Greg works as a Readjustment Counseling Therapist at Sarasota Vet Center, and Amanda homeschools their son, Ezekiel (8). Sarah (Johnson) Alexander ’96 & ‘01 and her husband, Albert, live in New York where Sarah homeschools their six adopted children: Virginia (14), Evan (14), Sophia (13), Ella (11), Caleb (10), and Easton (5). They also have an adult daughter, Ariel ‘11 . Tara (Eddy) Spurlin ‘97 and her husband, Kevin, live in Virginia. She is a stay-at-home mom to their daughter, Adlianne Grace (2). Michelle (Prado) Harris ‘97 and her husband, Benjamin, live in Virginia with their son, William. Michelle is the Clinical Director of an inpatient substance abuse facility. Sarah (Cane) Weymer ’97 & ‘98 is a busy mom to her two children: Sadie (4) and Silas (3). She works at a Christian preschool and serves in her church. Timothy ’97 & ’98 and Bethany (Wittmer) ’98 & ’99 Raymond live in Indiana where Tim has been Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Muncie since 2006. Bethany is a stay-at-home and home educator for their 5 children... 3 boys and 2 girls between the ages of 3 – 12 years old. Dan Desmarais ‘98 and his wife, Mary Anne, live in New Hampshire where Dan serves as the chairman of the board of Rumney Bible Conference. They have one daughter, Emma (13). Heather (Houck) Ashwell ‘98 and her husband, Tommy, live in Virginia with their adopted son, Daniel (10). Heather is a massage therapist and a volunteer EMT-1 firefighter. They desire to adopt another special needs child from Bulgaria. Beth Gallant ’98 & ’99 lives in Pennsylvania where she works as a preschool teacher. She is also a Sunday School teacher and Awana leader. Kevin Hansen ’98 & ‘99 and his wife, Rachel, live in Illinois. They have four children: Kate (12), Emma (9), Ava (7), and Jack (5). Kevin owns a real estate company in the western suburbs of Chicago. He is involved at his children’s Christian school. Bill Yuhasz ‘99 is a pastor at Grace Church in Allen, Texas. When Bill isn’t at church, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and enjoying life. He also travels and speaks to all types of people through his ministry, Known Legacy, to help inspire people to live the legacy to which God has called them. This past year he traveled with the band, Unspoken, as their Road Pastor.


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