The Experience Summer 2018

ONTARIO, CANADA 19 Students QUEBEC, CANADA 16 Students NEW YORK, USA 407 Students FLORIDA, USA 128 Students



SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL 72 Students BELÉM, BRAZIL 41 Students RECIFE, BRAZIL 30 Students

Global Campuses

Accredited Bible Institutes Non-Accredited Bible Institutes Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools


H ow many Word of Life Bible Institutes exist around the world? The official answer is 16! The first began in 1965 near São Paulo, Brazil, and the most recent campus opened near Kampala, Uganda, in the Fall of 2014. All of them offer the foundational one-year program with its unique emphasis on Study, Life, and Ministry (Know- Grow-Show). Some offer up to three additional years of Bible and ministry training. Of these 16 campuses, ten are more closely connected to one another due to their participation in the TRACS* accreditation recognition which the New York campus achieved in 1997. This recognition can be extended to the first-year programs of other Word of Life Bible Institute campuses that offer the same curriculum and that comply with accreditation standards. These campuses are formally known as Teaching Sites. So what are the benefits of this arrangement? They include accountability to educational standards of excellence, formal academic recognition, and

improved ministry alignment. This also enhances our ability to partner together on projects such as the annual Israel Study Tour and the publishing of books as well as the sharing of faculty, expertise, and other resources. Finally, it provides us with a great opportunity to model for our students a God- honoring spirit of partnership and cooperation. Recently, this was powerfully demonstrated in our first-ever Word of Life Bible Institute Global Chapel service which connected all ten campuses by VideoLink. The program included pre-recorded video updates from each campus, a time of prayer, and a devotional challenge from God’s Word. What an incredible experience it was to come before the Lord as one worldwide student body. Students were encouraged to see that they are part of a global family of young men and women who are investing a year or more of their lives to study God’s Word in a rigorous academic and immersive discipleship atmosphere to prepare themselves for a life of maximum impact for God’s glory!

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