The Experience Summer 2018

Missions Reality


Students Sharing Across Borders Missions Reality is a semester long class that exposes students to God’s heart for the nations. Each spring, the Second Year class from the New York Bible Institute sets out on a ten- day adventure to discover what God is doing around the world. Before the boarding passes come out, students spend the semester preparing. They learn practical ministry skills, such as building a ministry team and sharing the Gospel across cultures, as well as experiencing all the prep work it takes to get a missionary on the field. Missions Reality is more than a class; it’s an eye-opening experience. For many students, this is the first opportunity they have to travel overseas and to see how the rest of the world worships. “ONE OF THE COOLEST EXPERIENCES I HAD WHILE I WAS THERE WAS WHEN WE WERE AT CHURCH ON SUNDAY AND HEARD THE PEOPLE SINGING PRAISE SONGS IN ZULU. I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WERE SAYING, BUT I DID KNOW THAT THEY WERE LIFTING UP AND SINGING PRAISES TO OUR KING! IT JUST GAVE ME A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF HOW I THINK HEAVEN WILL BE ONE DAY, EVERY TONGUE, TRIBE, AND NATION, ALL COMING TOGETHER TO WORSHIP JESUS.”

Taylor Hurlbert (‘10)

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Lindsey Schumaker (‘17-18) SOUTH AFRICA TRIP


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