The Experience Summer 2018

Chris Dreger (‘12-13) Assistant Dean of Men SOUTH AFRICA TRIP LEADER why we go With all the work that goes into sending 180 individuals around the world, all the money that needs to be raised, all the hours spent in the classroom, and all the visas, passports, and paperwork... is 10 days really worth it? Does Missions Reality really change anything? “WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT MINISTRIES THAT WE ARE INVOLVED IN ALL YEAR, BUT TO ACTUALLY GO AND GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY TO APPLY WHAT ALL WE’VE BEEN LEARNING THROUGHOUT FIRST AND SECOND YEAR WAS SO AWESOME. IT SHOWED ME THAT ALL THE HARD WORK AND SCHOOLWORK I’VE DONE HAS ACTUALLY PAID OFF, AND I AM REMEMBERING ALL THAT I’VE LEARNED AND STUDIED!” On Missions Reality, students are asked to put all that knowledge into action. This missions experience helps create a better understanding of the physical and spiritual needs around the world and opens doors for future ministry opportunities. It gives students a taste of the reality of support raising and living abroad, as well as equipping them to better pray for and financially support real missionaries whom they have come to know and love. BROKEN WORLD FILLED WITH SIN, AND PHYSICAL POVERTY IS AN INDICATOR OF THE BROKENNESS OF THE WORLD. SECONDLY, INSTEAD OF QUESTIONING GOD’S GOODNESS AND HIS GRACE, MAYBE WE NEED TO LOOK FOR IT. WHAT IF GOD’S GRACE IS HIM ABUNDANTLY BLESSING US SO THAT WE MIGHT DISTRIBUTE OUR RESOURCES TO THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED?” Lindsey Schumaker (‘17-18) SOUTH AFRICA TRIP

breaking down walls Not only do these trips help create a bigger vision of how God is working, but they also create a connection between our American students and their brothers and sisters around the globe. For those who have never traveled outside the United States, Missions Reality plays a huge role in breaking down stereotypes and giving students a real, clear picture of what it looks like to be a part of the global Body of Christ. “WHAT SURPRISED ME MOST ON THIS TRIP WAS HOW MUCH HOSPITALITY WE RECEIVED. I WENT TO PARAGUAY, AND THE CULTURE ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY. EVERYWHERE WE WENT, WE WERE GREETED WITH KISSES AND LOVE. THE LOVE WE RECEIVED FROM COMPLETE STRANGERS IS SOMETHING I CAN’T FORGET.” In 2018, Second Year students could choose from trips to the Philippines, South Africa, Paraguay, Austria, Czech Republic, Quebec, Urban Missions, or Local Church Ministries. Each Missions Reality trip looks different, depending on the culture and Word of Life ministry in that particular country. While each team will return to New York with unique stories and experiences, each student will return with their own stories of how God worked through them using the unpredictable and unfamiliar. the learning never ends Each trip is led and supervised by Word of Life staff members who often come away from trips just as impacted as the Second Year students. “I LEARNED THAT GRACE DOES NOT ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THE WAY WE THINK IT SHOULD. WHEN YOU ARE CONFRONTED WITH PHYSICAL POVERTY ON A LARGE SCALE, IT’S EASY TO QUESTION GOD’S GOODNESS. HOWEVER, IT SHOULD REMIND US OF TWO REALITIES. FIRST, WE LIVE IN A Marley Slay (‘17-18) PARAGUAY TRIP

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