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Focus is key for young hockey player from Germany


some time at the Academy in Rockland a few years back. “So, I looked into it with my mom and we found it nice, so we were like ‘Why not?’” said Jung. “And now, it’s my second year already.” Jung spent the entire academic year in Rockland last year – from the end of August until mid-June. Jung is playing in theMidget AAA division for his second consecutive year – leaving his mark on the team last year, so much so that he was voted in as captain of the team for the 2017-2018 season. “I think the coach decided to pickme finally because last year I was one of the younger guys, but I was still an important player for the team,” said Jung. “You have more responsibilities as captain – deciding when to do warm-ups,

when to start practice, when to get focused, to know when to cheer everyone up – it’s a lot of work, but it’s fun.” As one of his duties as captain, Jung knows how to stay focused himself – revolvingmost of his time in Canada around hockey and not much else.The teamholds practice five times a week, the players also must hit the gymonmost days and the teamplays at least one or two games every weekend. “I domiss my friends andmy family back home a lot sometimes, but I just focus on hockey while I’mhere and I don’t havemuch time to think about anything back in Ger- many,” he said. Although still young, Jung knows exactly what he is here for and what his end game is. He plans on doing whatever

Max Jung has travelled fromGermany for the second year in a row to pursue his pas- sion for hockey at the CIH Academy in Rockland. Born and raised his whole life in Iserlohn, a city of some 100 000 inhabitants, Max Jung knew years ago that he was going to come to Canada to chase his dream of playing professional hockey. “I decided I wanted to go to Canada because the hockey is way better here,” said the young man, who will soon be 18. Jung was introduced to the CIHAcademy through a hometown friend who had spent

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Max Jung est venu d’Allemagne pour la deuxième année consécutive, afin de poursuivre sa passion pour le hockey à l’Académie CIH à Rockland. Max Jung, qui aura bientôt 18 ans, est né et a grandi à Iserlohn, une ville de près de 100 000 habitants. Il savait depuis son enfance qu’il viendrait au Canada pour poursuivre son rêve, celui de jouer au hockey professionnel. —photo fournie The Ottawa Senators held a practice at the CIHArena in Rockland onNovember 28 and Jung got a taste of the life he wants to lead in the future. “It was pretty cool to see some of your idols play right in front you, just to see how they do it,” said Jung. “I obviously like Erik Karlsson. He is one of my rolemodels.” Jung plays defense and is the captain of his team, just as Karlsson is for the Senators. Jung dreams big but also never gets ahead of himself. Hemust now decide whether or not he will stay in Canada again for a third year. If he does, he hopes to move up to playing Junior A by then. “I’m just trying to do the best I can all the time and enjoy it at the same time,” said Jung. “In the last couple of months, I realized that I appreciate being here – not everyone can do this, to come fromGermany, to play and go to school here.” necessary to achieve it. “I definitely want to play professional hockey.”

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