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AUG 2019


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Recently, while reading Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why,” I was prompted to shed more light on why we do what we do at The Button Law Firm. Sinek’s message encouraged me to put words to what we stand for, and, as it turns out, I found a lot of joy in the process. I got together with my team and, over a series of conversations, created five core values that define The Button Law Firm and guide what we do. Here’s what we came up with. 1. Family and Team Drive Us When it comes down to it, every decision we make and action we take is for our families. Our team here is an extension of our family, and our families and our team are part of the community. When you look at it this way, our purpose emanates from our strong belief in building relationships within our community. 2. Make a Difference This value can be seen on three levels. First is making a difference in people’s lives, which starts at an individual level but also has an impact on that person’s loved ones. Second is on a community level because as we take on cases, we are working to make our community safer by upholding regulations and rules meant to keep people safe. By holding negligent daycares accountable, for example, we make things better for our entire community. Third is on a statewide level and beyond. When it comes to the law, each case we represent is focused on improving the law in our state and upholding the rights of people. Getting a good ruling in appellate court, for example, can have a statewide impact. This also serves as a standard for other lawyers. 3. Believe in Better We believe that each of our clients deserves better, and it’s what we want to invoke from our community. If someone can’t walk because of a car accident, we will find them the right treatment or specialist to help them walk again. If we encounter someone struggling with the emotional aspects of their case, we will connect them to a therapist who will help them work through it. We believe in better for our clients and community. It’s why we attend every seminar and learning opportunity we can. We want to learn, so we can constantly do better and be better.

4. Be Facilitators of Education Knowledge is power, so one of the most powerful actions we can take is to share what we know with others. If we know the dangers of daycare and how to choose a safe one, we’re going to share that with our clients, our fellow attorneys, and our community. It’s why we’ve developed our guides and materials and offer them for free; it’s why we host seminars and workshops for our co-counsels and community. Even if you don’t have a law degree, you deserve access to this powerful information. 5. Make Everything We Do Simple and Easy to Navigate Concerning our website, referral process, and more, we want every experience with our firm to be simple and easy. It’s why we developed a client handbook and a referral attorney handbook. Every decision we make can be traced back to these five core values. They determine the decisions we make, the cases we take on, and the people we work with. I’m excited to see where they take us and to keep building the foundation of The Button Law Firm. Thanks for being part of this!

–Russell Button




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