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HEPA H14 Filtration System The Webasto HEPA Air Filtration System offers the highest level of interior air purification and cleanliness using medical-grade H14 filters, while greatly reducing the risk of infection. NEW

HEPA H14 Features: n Removes 99.995% of airborne infections and contaminants

HEPA Air Filtratrion System

n HEPA H14 classified filter n High air exchange rate n Up to 350 ft 3 (10 m 3 ) fresh air every minute n Ultra compact and lightweight n Hasslefree installation n Contamination free exchange of H14 filters

n Available version: 175 cfm (300 m 3 /h) n Automatic filter monitoring feature n Compliant with European Medical Device Directive CE 47/2007 n Meets WHO / CDC / ECDC / IATA air filtration guidelines

175 cfm (300 m 3 /h)

Retrofit any school bus with a medical grade air filtration system

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