BUS_910077_Brochure - Thermo Top Evo

Fuel Efficient Solutions for Heating and Idle-Reduction

North American School Bus Industry and Webasto Manufacturing and distributing heating systems throughout North America has been expanded at our plant in Fenton, Michigan. Research and development, testing, and assembly are performed by highly trained engineers and production-line personnel. How It Works The concept of Webasto in school bus engines is simple. Heat the cold coolant from the engine’s block, then pump it back to the vehicle’s engine and heat exchangers. The result: Your engine is preheated and the vehicle’s heat exchangers distribute an abundance of heat to the vehicle’s interior. Idle time is eliminated and emissions at start up are reduced.

How It Works for You Webasto coolant heaters go to work before drivers arrive, preheating the coolant in the engine and eliminating cold start concerns. Webasto heaters defrost and defog windshields quickly, and provide excellent supplemental interior heat.

The Alternative to Idling n Buses are meant to be driven, not idled. n Idling a bus for warmth: – Wastes fuel – Wears out the engine – Produces harmful emissions n Webasto heating systems offer an incredible return on investment compared to idling.


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