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Webasto‘s Scholastic Pro 90 provides engine-off pre-conditioning and supplemental interior heat while eliminating cold starts. Scholastic Pro 90

Coolant Heater Features: n Auxilliary heating for school and shuttle buses of all sizes, offering up to 31,000 BTU/h (9.1 kW) of heating power n Arctic Start function provides quick pre-heat even in extremely cold temperatures n Low heater power consumption due to highly efficient design n Highest product quality with long service life n Automatic altitude adjustment up to 11,000 feet (3,350 m) n Several mounting options available n Quiet operation

Scholastic Pro 90

31,000 BTU/h

Webasto‘s Scholastic coolant heater gets to work before you do, pre-heating the engine, eliminating cold starts, and warming the bus’s interior. Scholastic Series Heaters

Scholastic Heater Features: n Preheats the engine to eliminate cold starts and extends engine life n Accelerates and maintains window defrosting and defogging n Provides in-duty supplemental heat for increased driver and passenger comfort n Reduces vehicle emissions eliminating unnecessary idling n Stops white smoke at engine start-up and eliminates diesel knock n 1” water connections n High-capacity water pump for increased heat distribution n Built-in bleed valve to purge air from system

Scholastic Coolant Heater

45,000 BTU/h

Manufactured at our North American assembly facility in Fenton, Michigan


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