BUS_910077_Brochure - Thermo Top Evo

Webasto‘s Scholastic coolant heater gets to work before you do, pre-heating the engine, eliminating cold starts, and warming the bus’s interior. Scholastic Series Heaters

Scholastic Heater Features:

Scholastic Coolant Heater

n Preheats the engine to eliminate cold starts and extends engine life n Accelerates and maintains window defrosting and defogging n Provides in-duty supplemental heat for increased driver and passenger comfort

n Reduces vehicle emissions eliminating unnecessary idling

n Stops white smoke at engine start-up and eliminates diesel knock

1” water connections


n High-capacity water pump for increased heat distribution

45,000 BTU/h

n Built-in bleed valve to purge air from system

Manufactured at our North American assembly facility in Fenton, Michigan

Webasto‘s Scholastic heater is available on all new school buses as an OE option.


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