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Thermo Top Evo Coolant Heater The Thermo Top Evo coolant heater preheats bus engines, eliminating cold starts and the need to idle before and during normal bus routes. Webasto offers the most economical idle-reduction solutions.

Thermo Top Evo Heater Features: n Eliminates the need for an electrical block heater n Stops white smoke and reduces emissions on start up n Supplemental interior heating n Strong heat output of 17,200 BTU/h n Proven Thermo Top technology n Compact design n Ceramic ignition system n Frame rail or engine compartment mounted n PC diagnostics

Over one million in use worldwide


n Programmable runtimes n USB diagnostics n Ergonomic design n Large backlit LCD screen

SmarTemp Control fx 2.0

Technical Specifications

Thermo Top Evo

Heating Flow [kW] (Partial Load / Full Load)

8,600 - 17,200 BTU/h (2.5 - 5.0 kW)


Diesel, Arctic Diesel

Nominal Voltage (Suitability for special fuels) Operating Voltage

12 V 10 to 16.5

Power Consumption (including coolant pump)

41 W

Power Consumption During Start-up at 12 V

14 Amps

Fuel Pump / Coolant Pump

DP 42 / U4847 econ

Noise Emission

61 dB

Dimensions (L x W x H) (without coolant pump)

8.54 x 3.58 x 5.79 in (217 x 91 x 147 mm)


4.6 lb. (2.1 kg)


Blink Code, Diagnostic Tool

Available Thermo Top Evo Heater Kits: Thermo Top Evo Diesel Kit w/SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 (12 V) - PN: 5013379A Thermo Top Evo Diesel Kit (12 V) - Part Number: 5013378A Thermo Top Evo Diesel Kit w/enclosure (12 V) - Part Number: 5013389A


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