Extend your SiteSync IQ Wireless System Pair these products with SiteSync IQ for even more efficiency and productivity

AUDIO AND TONE GENERATORS • Tone generators produce pulsed, whoop, chime or steady tones • Audio generators provide custom options for uploaded MP3 files or recorded voice memos • Wired option also available WIRELESS RELAYS • Activate low-power devices such as bells, horns and strobes • Linked to a wired signal circuit relay in the System Controller • Triggered on demand, scheduled in the System Controller or via Remote Connect

WIRELESS BELLS, HORNS AND STROBES • Triggered on demand, pre-programmed in the System Controller or via Remote Connect.

Each of these wireless devices is factory set to one of the wired signal circuit relays in the system controller.

PROTECTIVE GUARDS Protect your equipment from damage, theft or the elements. We have a huge range of sturdy, attractive and easy-to-install guards.

Analog Clock Guards

Digital Clock Guards

Bell Guards

Horn/Strobe Guards

Wireless Bell

Wireless Strobe

Wireless Horn

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