When Measuring Time Matters Add a timer control station to any 6-digit surface or flush-mount clock to enable elapsed time indicator, Code Blue, and count up/down functions (with audible alarm).

The industry standard for craftsmanship, design and precision. For large or dim areas that require high-visibility clocks, these wireless digital clocks deliver it all in a compact, aluminum case. • 4-digit or 6-digit options • Enhanced readability with 2.5-inch or 4-inch digit sizes • Red or green digit colors • Date display options • 24VAC, 120VAC, or 220VAC compatible with Molex® connections (3-prong plug available for 120VAC) • Adjustable brightness • Surface and flush mounts • Wall and ceiling double-dial mounts Wireless Digital Clocks

Timer Control Station

COUNT DOWN YOUR TIME Keep schedule changes efficient with a countdown timer that’s controlled from the System Controller.


“Before the American Time system, students claimed that they didn’t hear the bell and that’s why they were late for class. Now we have a visual countdown and an audible bell. The clocks are the foundation of what makes the tardy policy work.” - angi m ., assistant principal

For areas in your facility that require greater visibility or at greater distances, our wireless digital clocks deliver in a compact, aluminum case. • Maintenance-free operation • Automatic updates for daylight saving time • Tall, ultra-bright LED digits deliver improved readability for large or dim areas • Calendar models toggle time/date and count down to a bell or schedule change

All surface mount clocks include a hanging bracket for easy installation.

Calendar: Toggle between time & date

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