With durable cases, safety crystals and highly visible dials, these clocks provide years of precise, maintenance-free time. • Choose battery-powered or AC- powered (electric) clocks • Variety of case styles and colors: steel, wood, aluminum, and molded plastic • Flush and surface mounts • Wall and ceiling double-dial mounts • Three-year warranty Wireless Analog Clocks

• Never change batteries • Up to one hour of operation during power outages WHY ELECTRIC WIRELESS CLOCKS? • Hang them anywhere • No wiring or expertise required • Keep accurate time during power outages WHY BATTERY-POWERED WIRELESS CLOCKS? “We installed the SiteSync wireless clock system in our new facility. No wires, clocks set to the same time in every classroom, no manual update after power outages, no complaints – only compliments, imagine that!” – jerry w ., superintendent

The buzzer option is perfect for any facility that needs signaling but doesn’t have a bell system.

Beautify your space and reinforce your brand. Add a free logo or image on orders of 10 clocks or more!

Battery clocks include a booster pack for up to 5 years of battery life!

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