A wireless clock system starts with a System Controller. The Controller receives a time signal from the internet via Ethernet or from satellites via a GPS receiver. A wireless signal is sent to each clock for correction and synchronization. • Run up to 99 schedules and 9,999 events • Automatic daylight saving time adjustments • Schedule and control up to 6 wired or wireless signal circuits, including bells, tone generators, doors, lights or locks • Five-year warranty • FCC Compliant • UL listed SiteSync IQ System Controller “One Master Clock takes care of it all, whereas other vendors required repeaters and more equipment to synchronize the whole campus. American Time’s demonstration showed how easy their system is to install and operate.” – jerry d ., lead electrician

SiteSync IQ System Control ler with Ethernet Sync and Remote Connect Web Interface Simply connect the Sitesync IQ System Controller to your local network to receive the time synchronization signal via Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP). Then log into our Remote Connect web interface to schedule and control your entire wireless system from any current web browser.

System Control ler with Optional GPS Sync

GPS Plus Perfect for any setting with a long distance (up to 1,500 feet) between the GPS receiver and System Controller. If the controller is installed where an Ethernet connection isn’t convenient, you may choose the GPS Sync option. For optimum performance, the receiver antenna should be located on the roof of the building with a clear view of the sky. The standard 15-foot GPS receiver cable can be extended an additional 100 feet.

Standard GPS

GPS Plus

Remote Connect: Clock Scheduling Made Easy There’s no need to be on location to adjust clocks or change schedules. With the Remote Connect web interface from American Time, you can control the SiteSync IQ wireless clock system from any current browser. • Schedule all System Controller functions • Review and change bell or circuit programs • Manage system controllers in multiple locations

“One time I was on a cruise in Antarctica and I had to change the school’s bell schedule that day. I just logged in and did it!” – jose s ., tech support

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