The SiteSync IQ wireless system controller receives a time signal from the internet or the Global Positioning System (GPS). The controller transmits a time signal to each clock using a radio frequency, which keeps all your clocks on time and in sync.

With the SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System, you can…  Reduce wiring costs in new building construction and additions

Why American Time Technology? • Transition from your legacy wired system on your time and your budget. The SiteSync IQ wireless system controller can operate wired clocks, making it the perfect solution for extending the life of a legacy wired clock system while you replace failing clocks with SiteSync IQ wireless clocks. The SiteSync IQ wireless controller can operate clocks from Simplex, Lathem, National Time, Cincinnati, Honeywell, Standard Electric, Stromberg, Dukane and more! • No boosters or repeaters needed! Choose from 5, 10, and 30 watt transmitter options for your system controller to ensure every clock in your building or campus receives a signal. • No hassles. We manage the FCC radio frequency license for you! • Manage and schedule clocks from Remote Connect, an easy-to-use online portal. • Peace of mind. Five-year warranty on the system controller. Three-year warranty on wireless clocks. • Dozens of clock styles and materials to fit your brand, plus guards to protect your valuable equipment.

Control legacy wired clocks and bells, as well as new wireless products Install an unlimited number of clocks using one system controller

Activate Devices

Wireless Bells



 Schedule and control your bell schedules from any web browser

Wireless Relay

Wireless Horns

Streamline management of wired and/or wireless clocks, bells, lights, and locks

Wireless Digital Clocks

Remote Connect

Wireless Analog Clocks

Wireless Strobes


“SiteSync IQ is going to save us a ton of money on wiring because I’ll be able to just hang a wireless clock anywhere someone needs it, and it’s good for five years. Plus, we save money on the installation because we can just hang up the clocks ourselves. ”

Wired Analog Clocks

Wired Digital Clocks

Wired Bells

- tony d ., building and grounds director

“The controller broadcasts to our largest building that’s 60,000 square feet and solid cinderblock…we’ve never had a problem with our clocks and we don’t even need a booster.” – jason b ., facilities support

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