K-12 SCHOOLS Keep students, faculty and staff on time for classes, buses and events with long-lasting wireless clocks. HIGHER EDUCATION Rely on powerful wireless clock technology to cover one building or a large, hilly campus! HEALTHCARE Accurate, low-maintenance clocks and systems keep everyone working precisely and safely.

LARGE MANUFACTURING FACILITIES Keep large and complex manufacturing and industrial facilities running smoothly. Meetings and shift changes are on time when wireless clocks display the same, accurate time everywhere.

Less is More One powerful transmitter does it all. No boosters or repeaters necessary. An unlimited number of clocks can rely on the time synchronization signal. with both wired and wireless clocks. No need to scrap your legacy wired clocks. Simply replace them with a new SiteSync IQ wireless clock when they fail. Options to Fit Your Needs Choose from analog and digital wireless clocks in a variety of sizes to fit each space in your facility. Custom logos on your analog clock faces, along with choices of wood, steel, aluminum and molded plastic cases, allow you to brand and beautify your entire campus. The Power and Ease of Wireless Synchronized Time American Time’s SiteSync IQ wireless clock system gives you control over your time. Get synchronized precision and low maintenance for years to come. Seamless Optimization The SiteSync IQ system controller works

“I absolutely love the American Time SiteSync IQ wireless clock system. This is the best solution for keeping everyone on time.” – dave g ., buildings & grounds supervisor

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