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President’s Message April 2023 Marketing is much like an investment portfolio’s return on investment. What is the return you will

THE SALES CYCLE - STEP 1: AWARENESS By Todd A. Smith, Sales and Marketing Council Chair, Managing Member, Royce Joseph Capital

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receive for each dollar spent on marketing? I recommend using different forms of marketing until one form of marketing begins to provide more significant results than any of the others and stick with it. Statistics have shown it may take up to seven touches before a business or consumer interacts with you or your business, thus the reason to be consistent. Remember, a company out of sight will eventually be out of mind. Each month the Sales and Marketing Council discusses issues critical to your business. This month Sales & Marketing welcomed 5 industry experts. The discussion focused on how Metro businesses can generate “Awareness”. There was Q&A about social media opportunities, direct mail & many other options. Please join us for our next breakfast meeting on April 19 where the topic will be “The 3 Stages of Preparation Required for Success”.

I find myself in disbelief that we are almost a quarter of the way through the year and my term as President. I can only hope that the remainder of the year is as productive and fruitful as it’s been already. My time at IBS was well spent learning some new tricks of the trade and attending the Leadership Council events. While those were impactful, they were second to witnessing the brotherhood/sisterhood of our community. I left there knowing we are all in this together and I’m more invested than ever in our causes and proud of our accomplishments. I shook the hands of our leadership, watched the new guard get installed (still feel like my speech was better), and felt truly seen and heard. How does that translate to us as a chapter in NJ? The 2023 board’s initiatives were, unbeknownst to us, completely in line with what was being discussed on the national level. We declared that this year, only due to the unbelievable footwork laid out by my predecessors, was to be about collaboration. With that being said we have some new and exciting events coming up that we hope will bring you valuable information and the opportunity to rub elbows with members from our other chapters. We’ve also had success with finding ways to get in front of the future generations to spread the word about the unbelievable opportunities in the trades and their affiliations. To date, we have four career fairs on the books and counting. I hope to keep bringing information like this to you month after month. I’d be remiss if I took credit for any of it, as this is the work of many brains, hours, and efforts from our board and members. I am excited to see what the next month brings!

There are seven specific steps to the sales cycle, and each step has a vital role in obtaining sales, retaining a client, and turning your existing clients into a constant referral source. The first step in the sales cycle

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Mission Statement: Metro is a professional organization that shall serve to protect and advance the rights and interests of builders, remodelers and associates in all matters affecting the building and remodeling industries. Metro shall support the business interests of all its member firms, support safe and affordable shelter, and foster the American dream of home ownership. Vision Statement: Metro is the leading trade association for the construction industry. Metro inspires active membership through professional development and advocacy. We embrace free markets to promote cost effective housing in NJ.

is called Awareness, frequently referred to as marketing. A prospect and future client need to know you exist and precisely what product or service you offer. There are many ways to market your product, social media, television advertising, direct email, email marketing, radio, and networking amongst your peers. Which one is best for you? The answer is to market where your future clients congregate and be consistent.

REGISTER HERE FOR APRIL 19 BREAKFAST: https://business.metrobca.org/events/details/sales-marketing-breakfast-512

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