Banner Guidelines

Building Your Message




LOGO/BRAND When choosing your message, be sure that it is reflective of your city's beliefs and atmosphere. It can be a holiday message, specific to a city event, or a city slogan. When choosing your image, remember that banner material matters. Is it a screen print or a photograph? The image can reflect a holiday, a season, or a town monument. Whether you have a brand logo or just a city name, make sure your logo file is large enough to prevent pixelation on large scale banners.The best formats for images/logos: eps.,ai., png, psd. POLE POCKET Be sure to leave enough room at the top and bottom of your design to make sure your message isn't distorted by the pole pocket. Note: If you are using Mainstreet Fabric or Vinyl, design can extend over pole pockets. *See our pole pocket guide to find out the width of your pockets. IMAGE



Think Distance. Make sure text size is large enough and thick enough to be seen from large distances.

Highlight your message. The most important information should be the largest.

High Contrast. Make sure your color scheme

provides enough contrast so that the text won't blend in to the background when viewed from a distance.

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