Kenneth Woo DDS - January 2020



Happy New Year, everyone. We are very excited to welcome the coming of a new year and a new decade! I’m proud to say that the past year was wonderful for Woo Wang Dental. It was the first year since Dr. Kenneth Woo, Dr. Edmond Woo, and I became partners. As we round out one year of our partnership, I’m happy to see a trend. We saw more patients, and we were able to offer more options and provide better services.

by our offices! We want to get in touch with you more than just every six months. (That is why we have this newsletter!) As our friends, we want you to know what is happening in our office and in dentistry and medicine and provide you with helpful tips and motivational articles in daily living. The future of our practice is all about you. We want our practice to be known as one where people can come for dental care with complete confidence. It’s a practice where all our doctors are honest, competent, and caring. It’s a practice where all the team members are courteous, knowledgeable, and pleasant. It’s a practice where each location is clean, safe, modern, convenient, and homey. "THE FUTURE OF OUR PRACTICE IS ALL ABOUT YOU. WE WANT OUR PRACTICE TO BE KNOWN AS ONE WHERE PEOPLE CAN COME FOR DENTAL CARE WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE." Both Dr. E. Woo and I believe the next decade belongs to modern technology and innovation. This is an example Dr. K. Woo has been setting for patients since he opened this practice! For example, when digital X-ray machines came out in the ‘90s, Dr. K. Woo was one of the first dentists in the area to use one daily. The initial investment was sizable at the time, but it turned out to be money well spent. Today, we continue to embrace this innovation. We use Cone Beam technology to develop a 3D image of the bone levels in the jaw before implant surgeries and dental lasers to identify deep-level issues that we cannot see on the surface on the tooth — among other technology, too! (If you’re curious, ask us! We believe an educated patient makes the best decisions about their oral health and the well-being of their family.) Thank you for trusting our team in 2019, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for our extended Woo Wang family in this next decade. We are confident our partnership will progress, with all three doctors dedicated to your dental needs and health.

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I think Dr. K. Woo says it best: “Before the partnership, I used to handle everything myself. I used to feel tired and exhausted … Since forming the partnership, I feel that the practice is full of energy ... We discussed and found ways to run the office more smoothly. We talked about clinical cases, ways we could improve the treatment results, techniques we could learn, and continuing education courses we should take.” Dr. E. Woo and I are proud to help Dr. K. Woo take the solid, strong practice he started to the next level with his guidance. What we have learned together as partners is there are some critical criteria we have to follow in order to make it work: We have to be honest, open, and frank. We have to be understanding and reach for the same goals together, and this past year has taught us just how to do this. As we celebrate the start of 2020, our goal is to offer excellent care to our patients. We value our patients; they are like our family and friends. We encourage our patients to stop by and say hello to us when they pass

We are sure 2020 will be wonderful and wish everyone a prosperous and happy New Year!

–Dr. Hokai Wang •

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